Monday, January 15, 2007

Pictorial: Winter Break.

Hey all!

Here are some pictures from the break! I always think I'm going to tell you lots of stories to go along with them, but I really never do. So sorry about that- enjoy the minimal captions provided, at least.

The Herman with the Wisemen.

Dash and his Papa!

On Christmas morning, Dash in a box!

Claire, Elizabeth, Kelley, and Gavin in the Gondola on Family ski day!

Ma in her helmet and Da- so cute!

The menfolks... Gavin, Matthew, and Ian. It was perfect- there were 8 of us,
and the gondolas hold 8 people, so we had our own gondola each time.

Dabin. He's special.


Matthew and Ian- not the best shot I suppose.



Matthew! I love this picture- so cute!

Gavin and Kelley eating at the newly named Kobe Beef Steak House,
formerly of Dai Enko Tai fame. I love this place, and we all sat at the table and had
a great time with the tepanyaki food and sushi and sake etc etc etc!

Ian and Gavin.

Elizabeth, Ian, Gavin, and Kelley.

Jayson, Jay (growing the hair out, ain't he pretty?), and Kim.

Claire and Matt- we were pouting cause we were on the end.

But we were still having fun!

Us again. I totally ruined that one.

Kelley playing with the claws with Dash's ball. For some reason this was hilarious.

Aw, more skiin'!

Us at the end of the family party night, where we were toasted for our engagement! It was great- thank you so everyone, especially Ma and Da, for the fun party!

Us again- just tryig to get a good one. Melissa pointed out that my senior picture is like a little angel on Matt's shoulder. Heh.

Closer in. Ooo.

This one looks like we're actually having fun, but its a bit blurry, but I like it so its there,

Jayson and Ma (or Grammy as the grandchillins know her).

On the mountain at Snowbasin. We hadn't had snow in a while so the background is more
brown than white, but I still love it up there!



I got in 10 ski days before I left, and hope to ski at least once over spring break!

I'm so glad we all got to ski together!

Here is Dash with Elizabeth and Julie, the all-star babysitter! I love the little suit he's wearing- it just so happens I bought it for him! hehe!

Anyway... it was a great time over break, especially the week when Gavin and Kelley were around. Matthew bonded with the peeps and got to know everyone better, and I had a great time laughing at my crazy brothers Dabin and Een as they are affectionately known.

Right then!



Matthew said...

Great Pictures! I miss you! I will try and get some pictures up on my blog someday. I love you

Whitney C. said...

Yeah, Matt, I've been waiting for the Christmas pictures Whitney mentioned her blog...

Claire- I *heart* that dress you're wearing the in Christmas tree pic. That is a great color on you, you look mahvelous!

Anonymous said...

claire, i could literally feel in my bones that you had updated today. literally. we should hang out to solidify that connection that obviously runs deeper than we thought.

Kimber said...

Yay! I checked out your pictures on Davina's blog today. They are absolutely beautiful! There are three that are especially my favorites. I can't wait to see the rest of them (Bridals and Wedding Day!) She does such awesome work.

melissa o said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I miss that second family of mine...

Dashley is SOOOOOO squeezably cute. When I next see him, he'll be running around like a human - weird!!!