Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Death of a Phone.

I'm probably the only Razr phone owner who is bitter about having a Razr.

Didn't want a razr. At all.

But just now, in the excitement of engagement photos and Conan O'Brien tickets (see blog below!) I dropped and consequently decapitated my now dearly departed phone.

No repair possible, and since my plan isn't up for upgrade til April (though I've had the same phone for over a year and a half.... this is rare for me, oh cursed phone owner-just ask Staci) I payed out the nose for a phone I have no desire to own. The alternative was a dinosaurish beast of a phone....

So if you are interested in purchasing this razr from me round about April 5, I give you good deal. Let me know... I'll keep 'er in mint condition fer ya.

A lament for my ol Samsung flipper.

Dear Samsung Flip,

You really were a trip
I liked you a lot
and you hit the spot
when I needed to make a call
you could do it all-
but none of that v-cast craziness,
I don't need nunnadat business
just want to talk or text
but not this razor doth vex
and i'll mourn the loss
and the super 'spensive cost
and remember the best phones among
my dearly departed samsung. *


Matthew said...

That poor Samsung phone. It was a trusty fella, guess it just had finally taken one too many falls. Great poem!

melissa o said...

Now we have the same phone again...

Don't be bitter. :)

However, I liked me some Claire poem about the flip.

Whitney said...

Courtney doesn't like his razr either. The buttons won't work sometimes. I am really really trying to be happy for you guys and Conan. Really...but I'm insanely jealous with the white hot passion of a thousand suns...

Kimber said...

I actually was looking at getting a razr the other day, but decided to wait. Maybe that was a good choice for me, since you don't want yours. If it is still in "mint" condition by April, just let me know how much you want for it. (If I can use a t-mobile chip on it, if not, then I will probably just buy one through T-mobile anyway. I don't know if I should tell you how much I can get it for through them, seeing as you feel you spent way too much on yours. :)

Whitney C. said...

I've had my razr for a year and I love it. Maybe you'll grow to like it? The buttons always work for me...

Beth said...

Do you have Verizon? And if so, why don't we talk every day? It wouldn't cost us nary a dime!

Ryan said...

hey it sucks losing a friend. i had a samsung once... *tear* anyway, nice poem, and nice engagement pics. i like the one under the bucking bronco! and i have the motorola Q. its the new one that looks kinda like a blackberry. its way handy with my job (email, internet, texting, 1000+ contacts) but its a bit big. i recomend it though.

Beth said...

p.s. You're kind of borderline giving the razr "the finger." And that makes me laugh.