Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big Year.

I have yet to make any new year's resolutions. I'm not an impulsive resolution maker though; I usually formalize them all by the end of January. May seem silly, but it usually works out best if I can really commit to things instead of dreaming things up that I know I won't follow through with.

This is going to be a big year.

Last semester at college.


leaving new york- a city with which i've had a love affair for over a decade.

getting my first job (maybe).

Marrying the love of my life and best friend, Matthew.

Going to Jamaica!

Moving away from home for real.

Leaving Utah for an undetermined time.

It should be wonderful, and terrifying. I was reading Laura's blog and realized that though I know lots of what will happen over the next year, there's still so much that is unknown. I can't help but feel this sense of overwhelming excitement bubble over when I think of the things to come, and yet there certainly is a dose of trepidation.

I am SO looking forward to this semester. I really am more excited for it than I ever have been for a semester- even Italy (mostly because I didn't know how freaking amazing Italy was going to be- but you know). I'm excited about all of my classes, excited to see Dash and E and I more, excited to have Matthew out to visit in Feb. I'm psyched to get my colloquium done just about 4.5 weeks from today (AHHHHH!!!!!), to keep planning details of the wedding, to have other friends come visit--? I'm excited to hang out with with friends, have brunch with Staci (and just live with the girl!), do Yoga, cook, and do the things I want to do in New York before I bid it farewell. It's going to be wonderful. It's so odd to be at this point- staring the last semester in the face.

I'm sitting here with my back to the fire place typing away as the first good storm we've had since I've been home (Oh, how I've envied you, Megan!) makes the air outside shifty white. I love Utah. I've skiied 8 days and I love it. Everytime I'm up there--8,500 feet up there, to be approximate-- I am amazed at the beauty of the mountains... there is truly NO way to convey their majesty- and what I love best- the way they speak of their Creator's majesty.

My dear Staci has returned safe from Israel and I can't wait to see pictures and watch her face light up as she tells me about all of her adventures and thoughts- I'm so honored I get to hear the details!

I thought about you who were at Urbana- I hope it was wonderful, and I'm sure it was! I can't wait to hear about it, and about the Edge Corps Preview some of you'll be at... soon? Not sure on that timing.

I think I"m just babbling. But here's the deal. Things are good and have been good. I'll get pictures up and narrate in more detail, but for now I just want to say that I'm highly optimistic about this next year. I've had a great 2006 and I know 2007 will be wonderful too. A challenge to myself is to be refined- be better than I was before, and not consider only the things I call 'good' to be things that shape me positively.

I miss all of you- you Minnesotans, you transplant New Yorkers, you Pennsylvanians, you North Carolinians, you Coloradans, you Baldimorians (heh), you Loganites, you Ceder City kid.......All of you! It has been great to see those who I have over this break, and I can't wait to reunite with the rest of you SOON!

Love, and more to come,



Anonymous said...

yay, claire updated!

yea, don't really know how to articulate what i'm feeling about life. i think perhaps what i'm feeling is anxiety that i don't know what this year is going to entail. urgh... i need to get back to ny to my normal life.

see you in a few weeks,

melissa o said...

Hey - when is a good time to come out inbetween March-May time??
(Like a Friday through Sunday)

Ashley said...


Ashley said...

hey girl can you email me your address to i want to make sure i have the right one-thanks!