Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures from the Middle East.

Matthew sent me the following pictures. I think you'll find them interesting!

This is us the night he left.

This is the Starbuck's in Kuwait.
Someone, somewhere, is writing their dissertation about this picture.

That hat is called a booney hat.

This is out Batallion's sign. We are 1st of the 502nd Infantry Regiment,
Second Brigade Combat team. We are in the Striker Brigade, Strike Batallion. That Eagle Talon is the symbol for our BN.

Geared up.
That black thing on the front of his helmet is a mount for his night vision.

Aw, his bed! Check out that KU Jayhawk's throw- enough to make any Teter proud!

That is an MRAP. Min Resistant Ambush Protected truck.

Matthew and his humvee.

His office!

So folks, there you have some pictures from my boyfriend! Hope you enjoyed them! He is super busy right now, but still loves getting e-mails and letters, so don't stop!


Whitney said...

He's dropping the pounds. I need to send him more cookies! Give me a call whenever after 4 my time. I'm back to work already but that's a good thing!

Miss W said...

Awesome! I love the office chair. From the top, it's a normal office chair, but check out the bottom-- a wee bit of sand. More action than my sorry office chair's seen.

melissa said...

So good to see these pics! What a strange Starbucks...

Hooray for the sweet Kansas blankie on his bed.