Sunday, August 03, 2008

Food, Kit, Garden.

This is a mish mashey post. Voila.

Baked eggs. I don't know why, but it sounded like a good idea. butter, heavy cream (or half and half if you're being healthier), eggs, fresh chopped herbs, s + p. Broil. Enjoy.

And no, to the Dutch. Here he is... in a bag...ish.

In the linen closet. I must admit I put him up there while I was arranging things, so no, he cant' jump THAT high.

Whenever I'm outside watering the roses (pictured below. Notice the roses in bloom on either end- those were distressed plants that I have nursed (coaxed) back to blooming!) Dutch watches and meows at me from inside.

Here are a few of the garden.

That is Cauliflower. I've never grown it before, but it has seemed happier lately so maybe it's about to sprout out the white edible delicious part.

Tomatoes! So far, only little yellow blossoms. Hoping for fruit!

More banana peppers. This one plant has like 6 growing right now. I'm impressed.

The whole set up. Look how much it has grown!

Beautiful, beautiful basil. Even if you don't like basil, go plant some so you can SMELL it. YUM.

And that is that. That was mostly for Matthew because he had requested some garden and lawn pictures. I didn't bore you with all of them, but I'm proud of my fledgling little garden, especially since it is living in clay and I didn't till it properly to begin with (because I hadn't a tiller or hoe). I think next year I'll be a much savier gardener, but for round one I'm pretty happy.


Kimber said...

Brings new humor to the phrase "cat's out of the bag". What a silly little joy.

melissa said...

Ohhh Dutch!