Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bathroom, accent wall.

The past two days' progress:

This is the bathroom. The color is actually called "Aqua Dance"- it is a tealish/blueish. The picture is pretty accurate, and I love the white and brown towels!

This is an accent wall at the end of our family room/entry way. It looks a lot lighter/less awesome in this picture. The color is called Swiss Chocolate. I think it might be better in natural light for the camera, but you get the point! YAY! More color!

Only three rooms left! Living room (which will be last), and the bedrooms!


melissa said...

You are a painting fiend!

I love the bathroom - tis gorgeous! And that chocolate color?? I want to lick it. :)

Sarah said...

I love "Aqua Dance!" It looks beautiful!

ryann and jeff said...

LOVE IT! that bathroom looks great!

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I am so impressed you've had the energy to combat all these walls. I hope you have a great playlist and that you're rockin' out whilst painting. We listened to NPR during our painting days. I couldn't look at the bathroom wall (WHICH was cinderblock, I must add. yeah, way. we had a cinderblock wall.) without remembering a stirring interview with some expert on the religous undertones in the Simpsons movie.

Whitney said...

Me gusta. Makes the place look very homey!