Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chocolate Chip Perfection.

So... this blog I read posted an entry about these cookies.

The posting came after THIS article HERE from the New York Times. If you like cooking, baking, or chocolate chip cookies, you might enjoy it.

I'm sure you're shocked, but I promptly got out the butter and eggs to come to room temperature. :)

One of the differences is the amount of time they chill. Ideally, 36 hours.

Also, the article explains that to make really good cookies, they should be significantly larger than the old spoonful versions. Of course that is a fabulous adjustment!

Before they bake, you sprinkle them with sea salt. Sounds strange, turns out delectably.

Love. Really. Like, I don't love homemade chocolate chip cookies, but really. They were great. I had SO much more success with these, it was amazing! I didn't do everything perfectly- I couldn't find the specific chocolate chips as suggested, but the semi-sweets 63% Hershey selects turned out well. Anyway. If you feel like a little project with slightly delayed gratification (say, 36 hours or so) I say, read the article,
check the beautiful blog (scroll down a few posts), and bake away!


Allison & Noah Riley said...

Of all the luck... I haven't baked cookies in, oh, 11 months or so. I finally gave into the craving last night after noticing some chocolate/peanut butter chips at the store that were screaming my name.

So now I have more cookies than I know what to do with (let's be honest, I will find something to do with the things, just not the best for my waistline type of things) and now I'm curious about this recipe. I'll have to wait another 11 months or so to try this one out.

melissa said...

So these are totally not going to fit in with my new intention to loose weight.

Can you only eat one? Cause if I can muster the self control - then I can get the rest to the office the next morning...