Friday, August 22, 2008

Of All the Millions of People!


So I'm watching the Today Show, as usual, and they are doing this little Olympic Montagey thing. And they're showing all these inspirational moments and stuff, and I see this dude holding a flag, and I think "hey that looks like Peter!"

And then I rewind it (thank you, DirecTV, for our free DVR upgrade!) and IT IS! One of TWO people I know at the Olympics and there he is on my TV! INSANITY! I got so excited! I was sitting there jumping up saying "That's Peter! That's Peter!"

Anyway, I'll try to find that montage online but really, I've got it paused on my TV and it IS Peter!


Allison & Noah Riley said...

That's INSANE! I wish my capitalization and exclamation point really conveyed how bizarro I think this is. Seriously crazy! Good eye, Claire.

Laura said...

Crazy! I actually said something the other day that if you were ever going to spot someone in a crowd, it was going to be Peter. He is a bit easier. I was joking with him about how the Chinese attendees probably think he's some volleyball player. :)

Lauren said...

That's nuts!

Beth said...

JUST STOP. That is INSANE. How many autographs do you think he's been asked for by people who have mistaken him for a volleyball player?

melissa said...

You have eyes like a hawk Mrs Teter.