Monday, July 31, 2006






'In The Venue' (579 W. 200 S. in SLC)



Hi all!

It has been a great week having Matthew back! Well, still LESS than a week, but so much has happened!

We had a great time at ghetto-fab Outlaw on Saturday

We had a great goobye for the Oholendt's on Wednesday


Matt got most of his stuff moved out of his apt, and back into the new and very fabulous Glendon's place (many thanks to him and his generosity!)

Saw some good friends for the first time in YEARS

Cleaned some house/deck/garage

And last, but certainly not least.... I was given something to go on my left hand's 4th finger so it is no longer unoccupied.

More to come!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I just want you all to know that that one guy comes home TODAY!

8:35pm the plane lands.

Round about 8:45 I'll be the happiest girl in the West!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

West Nile Virus.

If you live in Davis or Weber (or Salt Lake, for that matter) counties, you should wear bug spray.

There have been lots of places in Davis, and a few places in Weber where West Nile has been identified.

Just thought you'd want to know so you can wear some super spray and not get sick!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Those little sticker thingies...

You know those little thingers that people put on their cars that say "My Grandkids" and then they have a bunch of little stick figure kid stickers with their names above them?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about you either A- need to look harder, or B- don't live in Utah.

So anyway... this morning I was getting my coffee (which, today, seems unusually necessary) and I saw that the lady in front of me in the drive through had the roster of sticker kids. She had like 9 of them... busy chillins! What stuck out to me, though, and the reason why I'm writing this, is that the 3rd to last child's name was Krew.


WHAT? That is NOT NOT NOT a name!!!! I absolutely love that anything that sounds trendy and catchy (but results in near name-kitsch) becomes a name. KREW=not a real word or name.

This is something that some genius C-list movie start would name their child!

"Austin, Kady, Nikki, Colby, Davis, Jackson, Hadley, Candice, Spence, Krew...."


I suppose I don't really have much more to say about that, I just kind of feel bad for this child- he/she is doomed to a life of people immediately knowing that his parents, Kevin and Drew, combined their names to create a perfect and asinine compilation name.

Ok, fine. That is all.



Matthew got ALL E's!!!! He rocked his evaluations!

He is back from the field and from now til the 25th will basically just be doing 'confidence courses' and other little tasks to pass the time til they graduate from the training course!


Can't wait to have you home!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Old Man Guilt.

I honked at an old man, and am still experiencing a considerable amount of guilt....


it was legit. I'm really not a honker! I SWEAR! I really dislike honkers! But he was backing up and was like an INCH from me and STILL backing, so I honked (not knowing he was an oldy) to make him aware I was there. Then he went forward a bit.. and then did it AGAIN! But I felt so bad for honking the first time I just let him back.... granted, my hand WAS on the horn... and then as I drove past I was going to shoot him a dirty look (shows you what a great citizen I am... I'm glad I didn't get to giving a crusty to a real olds) and then saw he was old and probably a bit disgruntled with the whole 25th street parking issue.

And so, though it was to stop him from hitting me, I still feel it. That little pinch between my shoulders.... probably the fact that I was going to eye him as I passed is what REALLY gets me.

Oh, that old man will get you.

So I Like this Guy.....

And he sent me flowers.

And I realized that I didn't even say a WORD on here!


Even though you won't see this for a while, it was SO incredibly sweet of you to work that out and get me flowers when I LEAST expected it! AND.. it worked! Maybe we're just florally cursed in NY!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Happy Birthday to Miss Ashley Teter!


Congratulations to Whitney! I'm so psyched for you!!!

We must celebrate with appropriate libations and such! (who says libations? I don't know... just go with it...)

So... if you see either of these ladies... give 'em a holla!

Xterra News!

Hey all!

Just had to post this-- this is what Xterra is saying about OGDEN!

UTAH ROCKS: Starting Friday night Aug. 18 and running through Saturday night Aug. 19, Ogden and Snowbasin - situated at the base of the Wasatch Mountains and adjacent to Great Salt Lake - will rock with races, music, food, and entertainment.
What makes Nissan Xterra Mountain Championship so unique is the split venue format with a world-class race venue at Snowbasin complemented by a premier gathering place for the XTERRA community in downtown Ogden.

On Friday night Biker’s Edge brings a fast and furious Criterium spectacular to the heart of Ogden. It’s a premier men’s race with $5,000 on the line for Category 1-2-and-3 men. The race is a 60-minute timed event on a closed course featuring a 0.7-mile loop with six turns on city blocks. Also on Friday there are activities for everyone including the XTERRA Golden Spike Scramble 5k and 10k trail runs, free clinics taught by the pros, kids races and games, shopping, and more.

Then on Saturday it’s time for XTERRA and the brand new venue at Snowbasin, just a 10-minute drive from Ogden. This place has seen world-class competition before as home to the downhill and super G races of the 2002 Winter Olympic events, but this time the competitors will be in the water, on mountain bikes, and in trail running shoes.

It all starts with a 1.5K swim in the calm and clean Pineview Reservoir situated at about 4,500 feet above sea level. From there racers will hop on their mountain bikes to start a 30K ride to Snowbasin ski area that traverses dirt trails as it meanders into Wheeler Canyon, a spectacular slot canyon shrouded in oak, aspen and pine trees. Then, the two-loop singletrack run course will zigzag its way through aspen groves and fields of wildflowers before finishing near the bottom of the Olympic downhill ski run.

After a siesta - a nap and a shower anyways - it’s time to party! The awards ceremony/post-race celebration in downtown Ogden on Saturday night promises to be one of the coolest evenings of the summer. A host of brilliant restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisine will serve-up award-winning food at the Taste of Ogden’s Historic 25th Street open-air dining extravaganza, a highlight video with footage from the day’s race will play on a big screen TV and a live band will keep the mojo flowing all night long.

---Now, I know its not perfect grammar, but hey- that went out to 50,000 Athletes- YES!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hey all!

I just thought I'd give a little plug for what I'm doing right now at work.

On August 19th there will be the Nissan Xterra Regional Mountain Championship Triathlon at Pineview and SnowBasin, and then a party to follow in the Ogden City Ampitheatre. This is a triathlon that will have the swim portion at Pineview, biking up to Snowbasin (gasp), and then running around the trails at Basin- intense. It is part of this huge international point series where pro athletes can gain points that eventually add up and help them qualify for national and international races. There will be several Olympic athletes competing, plus hundreds of other pros, and of course some locals rockin the trails too!

What's my point? The point is... if you're cool and you're a good American (yep), then you'll show up. Whether you race (my hero!), spectate (pretty dang saweet), or Volunteer (best people do this!), do SOMETHING! I know the balloon festival will be happening that same weekend, so you can pull an all weekend Eden/community involvement fest and show up!

Comment if you'd like to volunteer. If you need proof of the fun-ness of volunteering with GOAL (the hosting Org and your local sports facilitating rep), talk to Kelli M, Kimber P, or Emylie W.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Gli Azzurri!

YES! Italy won!

Take that you head-butting, smoke-loving, foreigner-hating, 'we don't want your help and we're not gonna help you, oops we got invaded, we take it all back', french boys!

Actually, I was really sad about the whole head butting thing. I have to say I've always had a small (or large) crush on ol' Zidane, and this was a disappointment. Not that there isn't a history of violence, but really. Come on. No matter WHAT he said to you, you don't just go HEAD -BUTT someone OUT OF PLAY, especially in the freaking chest where you could actually kill them. Not too brilliant. I mean, watching that clip gives me this chill of instinctual fear or something- like "wow, we are animals." And by we, I mean the French.

On his web site (Yeah, I checked it right after...) about 3 minutes after they already had an explanation up- not for the actual head butting (they didn't really acknowledge that fact) but the foul and red card... it was amazing. Good PR I guess, though I doubt any real ZZ haters are going to be checking out his website.

Anyway, that was a low class move, and ol' Zidane really screwed up his legacy with that one. He was freaking ROCKING this World Cup, and then he went and did that. But the Italians won (several of whom I have gotten to see play LIVE!) and they were so cute! I loved it when they started taking off their shorts- no sicko, not BECAUSE they were taking off their shorts, but because... can you BE more Italian? heh. Hilarious. And now I have this longing for Italy.

PLUS... on the radio this morning they were talking about one of the hosts going to Tuscany, and I wanted to call in and give her all these suggestions.. but didn't. Anyway... Mi Manca Italia!

It is kind of weird to have the World Cup Over. I feel like it is even more of an anti-climax than the Olympics because A- Soccer=myfavoritesport, B- it was a month long, so you get so used to have great games daily for weeks!, and C-it doesn't come around for 4 years!

I always think of where I'll be for the next one... it'll be in South Africa... where will I be? I'll coming up on 26, all signs point to me NOT being in Utah... and I could be done with a Master's by then! Weird. Weird. Plus those other possibilities which need not be named since I know none of you want to hear it, but yeah, I bet in 4 years I won't have a boyfriend anymore.

So anyway... here's to you, soccer, and all the joy you provide! And Zidane, even though you're psycho, we'll miss you and your remarkably handsome French self, and hope you can find something to do with your self now that you won't be getting a paycheck to play a game.

Where will you be for the 2010 World Cup?