Monday, July 10, 2006

Gli Azzurri!

YES! Italy won!

Take that you head-butting, smoke-loving, foreigner-hating, 'we don't want your help and we're not gonna help you, oops we got invaded, we take it all back', french boys!

Actually, I was really sad about the whole head butting thing. I have to say I've always had a small (or large) crush on ol' Zidane, and this was a disappointment. Not that there isn't a history of violence, but really. Come on. No matter WHAT he said to you, you don't just go HEAD -BUTT someone OUT OF PLAY, especially in the freaking chest where you could actually kill them. Not too brilliant. I mean, watching that clip gives me this chill of instinctual fear or something- like "wow, we are animals." And by we, I mean the French.

On his web site (Yeah, I checked it right after...) about 3 minutes after they already had an explanation up- not for the actual head butting (they didn't really acknowledge that fact) but the foul and red card... it was amazing. Good PR I guess, though I doubt any real ZZ haters are going to be checking out his website.

Anyway, that was a low class move, and ol' Zidane really screwed up his legacy with that one. He was freaking ROCKING this World Cup, and then he went and did that. But the Italians won (several of whom I have gotten to see play LIVE!) and they were so cute! I loved it when they started taking off their shorts- no sicko, not BECAUSE they were taking off their shorts, but because... can you BE more Italian? heh. Hilarious. And now I have this longing for Italy.

PLUS... on the radio this morning they were talking about one of the hosts going to Tuscany, and I wanted to call in and give her all these suggestions.. but didn't. Anyway... Mi Manca Italia!

It is kind of weird to have the World Cup Over. I feel like it is even more of an anti-climax than the Olympics because A- Soccer=myfavoritesport, B- it was a month long, so you get so used to have great games daily for weeks!, and C-it doesn't come around for 4 years!

I always think of where I'll be for the next one... it'll be in South Africa... where will I be? I'll coming up on 26, all signs point to me NOT being in Utah... and I could be done with a Master's by then! Weird. Weird. Plus those other possibilities which need not be named since I know none of you want to hear it, but yeah, I bet in 4 years I won't have a boyfriend anymore.

So anyway... here's to you, soccer, and all the joy you provide! And Zidane, even though you're psycho, we'll miss you and your remarkably handsome French self, and hope you can find something to do with your self now that you won't be getting a paycheck to play a game.

Where will you be for the 2010 World Cup?


AMY said...

hopefully i'll be teaching or something, with a masters! yeah. also not sure on the whole children thing, but that will be six years of marriage for me and pete, so we'll see. if you asked me now i would say no! but eh, oh well. good post!

Beth said...

I hope I have a boyfriend in 4 years. If I don't, I hope that I don't have a boyfriend in the same way you're implying that you probably won't have a boyfriend. I'll be 30. Holy crap. Oh my gosh, I'm gonna go vomit now.