Monday, July 31, 2006


Hi all!

It has been a great week having Matthew back! Well, still LESS than a week, but so much has happened!

We had a great time at ghetto-fab Outlaw on Saturday

We had a great goobye for the Oholendt's on Wednesday


Matt got most of his stuff moved out of his apt, and back into the new and very fabulous Glendon's place (many thanks to him and his generosity!)

Saw some good friends for the first time in YEARS

Cleaned some house/deck/garage

And last, but certainly not least.... I was given something to go on my left hand's 4th finger so it is no longer unoccupied.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

okay... that is a horrible tease!

Natalie said...

You're engaged?!!! Congrats! We need to hear details...and pictures....

Kimber said...

woot woot, I am glad you finally posted about this!!!!!