Thursday, July 20, 2006

Those little sticker thingies...

You know those little thingers that people put on their cars that say "My Grandkids" and then they have a bunch of little stick figure kid stickers with their names above them?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about you either A- need to look harder, or B- don't live in Utah.

So anyway... this morning I was getting my coffee (which, today, seems unusually necessary) and I saw that the lady in front of me in the drive through had the roster of sticker kids. She had like 9 of them... busy chillins! What stuck out to me, though, and the reason why I'm writing this, is that the 3rd to last child's name was Krew.


WHAT? That is NOT NOT NOT a name!!!! I absolutely love that anything that sounds trendy and catchy (but results in near name-kitsch) becomes a name. KREW=not a real word or name.

This is something that some genius C-list movie start would name their child!

"Austin, Kady, Nikki, Colby, Davis, Jackson, Hadley, Candice, Spence, Krew...."


I suppose I don't really have much more to say about that, I just kind of feel bad for this child- he/she is doomed to a life of people immediately knowing that his parents, Kevin and Drew, combined their names to create a perfect and asinine compilation name.

Ok, fine. That is all.


Sarah said...

what?!?! people are crazy!

Anonymous said...

in baltimore, old jewish women wear gold stick figure necklaces to represent their grandchildren in the same manner of said bumper sticker. i'll show you one day when i'm 80.

lots to catch you up on only two days later, send me an e-mail before your bf gets home!

melissa o said...

KREW? Sick...

jules said...

well youve dashed my dreams of naming my child apple, or cloud, or stream!
hehe, im just kidding... the names that some people come up with, or the way they spell them, makes me about as nauscious as that pic of brittney spears that mel has on her blog.

AMY said...

pete says krew jones was the name of the main character on Rad (the movie) so there! (it may have been with a C)

Anonymous said...

i HATE those stickers! i HATE them! the name is bad, yes, but the sticker is worse!