Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hey all!

I just thought I'd give a little plug for what I'm doing right now at work.

On August 19th there will be the Nissan Xterra Regional Mountain Championship Triathlon at Pineview and SnowBasin, and then a party to follow in the Ogden City Ampitheatre. This is a triathlon that will have the swim portion at Pineview, biking up to Snowbasin (gasp), and then running around the trails at Basin- intense. It is part of this huge international point series where pro athletes can gain points that eventually add up and help them qualify for national and international races. There will be several Olympic athletes competing, plus hundreds of other pros, and of course some locals rockin the trails too!

What's my point? The point is... if you're cool and you're a good American (yep), then you'll show up. Whether you race (my hero!), spectate (pretty dang saweet), or Volunteer (best people do this!), do SOMETHING! I know the balloon festival will be happening that same weekend, so you can pull an all weekend Eden/community involvement fest and show up!

Comment if you'd like to volunteer. If you need proof of the fun-ness of volunteering with GOAL (the hosting Org and your local sports facilitating rep), talk to Kelli M, Kimber P, or Emylie W.



Kimber said...

I have to admit, GOAL has got me hooked, I think I am going to become a volunteer for life!! he he, but in all seriousness, I will be there.

Anonymous said...

I shall help you out too my dear!

melissa o said...

I wish I COULD, but I will be gone by then. :sob: