Monday, February 02, 2009

Plan to Visit!

Alright folks, the days are going by and we're now in to February! CRAZY!

What that means is that you need to start making plans to visit us! We'd love to visit you, but for the forseeable future Matthew won't have leave to....leave. SO... come see US!

Southwest is having the "Yes you Can" sale, and I just checked, you can get here and back from SLC for 200 bucks! HELLO!

Anyway..... just planting that little idea in your head :)


melissa o said...

Do you know that even with the sale it is still cheaper to fly NWA to Nashville than to buy a Southwest ticket? I live in such a backwards world...

Whitney said...

Did you see the email I sent you and the rest of the fam? I'm working on it. How long is the drive to Dover, AR?