Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashion Consult.

So our Battalion formal is this coming Thursday night. I have a dress! But I am lost otherwise.

The dress is a floor length dark silver color. It has sparkly/beaded straps that go up from about the top of my arms and cross in back just at the top of my neck and reconnect. The back under that is all open and then the dress comes in just above my waist again. I don't know if that helps, but there you have it.

The dress, floor length, comes down and is slightly pleated, the over all style I'd say is Grecian. I think it is pretty unique, not like something I've ever worn before.

SO.... what to do with my hair? This is my hair these days- shorter than it has been in a while, so I'm not sure the down, long, curled look will be as nice (cause that is my "nice hair" fall back). As we ALL know, there's no chance I'll let anyone else touch my hair, but my question to you all is: up do? Any suggestions? Or should I still do it down?

So there's the hair these days.

Also, what kind of shoes? It is still cold on and off. Black shoes? Silver shoes? Closed to? Open toe?

And then makeup-- have any of you guys tried fake eyelashes? I know, weird, but I really want to try them! They seem fancy and fun and different.

Ok, well, let me know what you all think. Not a TON of time, so chime in!

(PS> If you saw Padme's hair on Top Chef this past week, I kind of like that style, but couldn't find a picture).


Laura said...

Oh, gosh, what fun! I think the hair, shoes, etc will look great no matter what. That dress does sound beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures!

The only input I feel I can have with authority is on the fake eyelashes. Wore them at the wedding, and they were great. They weren't so dramatic that most people noticed, but I loved them. And they came off easily. I had them put on, so I can't speak to how easy they are to put on oneself.

Oh, and it just occurred to me that with a Grecian style dress it might look nice to your your down curly look, but maybe you can put it half up or something for a little drama. But, you have such great hair I'm pretty sure it will look awesome no matter what.

Leslie said...

After seeing your dress, I would say that possibly the curly hair look pulled half up would be amazing. It would pull it away from all the awesomeness of the front beading and look great on your back. That way, if you want to wear some cool earrings, they will be seen. I'm looking forward to your pics from the ball! :)

melissa o said...

Do you have a pic you could send me of the dress? I'm brainstorming!

Kaytee said...

I say you should curl your hair then pull it back and low ... like kind of at the top of the neck. If you have an open/sexy back, I think it would be good to have your hair up so that you can see the back.
I actually went to Glendon's Air Force awards banquet last night and there was a girl their with a dress on with a really cool back but she wore her hair down and I thought it would look much better up so you could see her back.
That's my advice. Oh, and I'd go for grey/silver shoes and open toes always work, even if it is cold outside.