Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Mom and Dad's Blog!

Hi all!

Most of you, if you're lucky, know my fabulous and hilarious parents. They are so wonderful and insightful, and as of late they have been having some major adventures around this crazy world.

Now they have a blog!

Check it out, comment, and support their efforts! This is a big step for them, so here's to them!

Welcome to the blogging world Ma and Da!


melissa o said...

It made my day. :)

Camille said...

Don't know about those adjectives modifying your parents but thanks for supporting this effort!
We love you!!
Mom and Da

Bobby said...

Family love, to me, is the most valuable thing you have in your life. If you didn't have your family, you wouldn't go anywhere. When you were down, they were there for you. When you needed something they tried to make that happen. When you think you don't have a family, you do. All you need to do is just give them a little call and they will be there for you. I got kicked out of the house when I was 18 and I had nowhere to go. I was around a wrong crowd and got into drugs. My addiction to meth was so bad, I nearly died. I realized that my life wasn't going anywhere and I needed help. The first people that I called and the only people that I called was my mom and dad. They were very happy to help me and got me into a drug rehab program. I am currently on the program and I can already tell that things are getting back to normal. I'm getting my life back, and most important I'm getting my family back.