Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I always give myself time to think of my resolutions. Often this results in never making them, or waiting until some benchmark (last year it was "when we get to maryland" and then "when we get to Kentucky" and then "when matt leaves" and then "when school starts"). In an effort to avoid putting these off any further, I am putting them out to the public so you can ask me/bug me/remind me about these goals. I am publishing them here, today.

I liked how Melissa categorized hers- that appeals to my brain, so tralala, here I go!

-BE HEALTHY! (this means make good food choices, and work out 3+ times per week)
-Run SOME kind of race this year... most likely a 5K since this gal ain't no runner.
-Minimize butt-time: when it is nice out, go outside and DO something!

-Think positively about myself and my body... no more of this guilt-tripping, self criticism business. LAME! That doesn't help me be healthier, nor does it make ANYTHING better! I am strong, healthy, and I can live with that! I remember a little poem my mom had in my room as a kid-- I think it rotated around between me and my brothers, and it says:
"I like me,
Yes! I like me!
Being what no one else can be,
I like me!"
Clearly cheesey, but conceptually I think I (and probably any given female reader) needs to remember this. Not in a prideful "i'm so schmancy" kind of way, but in a "hey, I'm unique and dearly loved by the Creator of the universe. THAT IS NEAT" kind of way! Moving on....
-Attempt to be less selfish, and more flexible. I say attempt because I believe I am inherently selfish and INflexible, and I need to work on that. Give me time people, and know I'm working on it!

-Consistently spend time in the Word. This means getting up earlier than I would to do that since I know once the day gets going, there's no turning back.
-Find a spiritual mentor.
-Become involved at church and contribute to the community where I belong!
-Work on prayer-- doing it more, doing it better, doing it with more joy.

-Figure out and utilize the best way to track and manage our finances. I love this stuff, but my former approach is getting stale. Also, this will be the first time we have an unchanging income and the same number of people in the house for the whole year (!) so I'd like us to get a solid budget and stick to it within the first 6 months of this year. I'm giving us that time because realistically we are going to have some trial and error!

-Find a professional mentor (well, she is found, but she doesn't know it! So I suppose that is TELL her!).
-Do my very best at school, even when it IS poetry!
-Write at least one very well-revised story that will go into my thesis over the summer.
-Prepare for and take the Comprehensive Exam for my Master's in December (if they offer it then).
-Do SOME kind of work this summer... this could be for a school, for a professor, freelancing, starting up pampered chef, or just a minimum wage job somewhere.
-Continue to cook new things every week, and try crazy recipes!

-Work on my marriage. No, nothing is wrong, and we've had a great year, but I think this should ALWAYS be on my list! I can't imagine our 70 years together (Lord willing!) will be very fun if we don't make any effort!
-Make an effort to connect with my siblings every few weeks.
-Encourage my friends and family, and be persistent with staying connected with them.

And so, there they are. I know, it is a lot, but I think they all take time. I know these won't happen immediately, but I think there are some good concrete things, and some good conceptual things. It's worth a shot!


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Something about this post made me really miss you - is that bizarro to say? :) I have always admired your outlook and perspective on life, and perhaps to see it so neatly compartmentalized through a myriad of "life facets" (if you will, that phrase is a stretch!) reminded me of why my admiration is not unfounded.

Hope you're doing well! I think of you in your city often ;).

Leslie said...

Very well put, friend! AND, I'm so glad you used the word LAME in there somewhere! :)

amy said...

good goals claire! i will try to remember to ask you about them because i know that helps me when other people ask how it's going. have a great day

melissa said...

I think one of my favorite things about you is the thoughtfulness you put into any tasks - even tasks like your resolutions. You don't rush to get them out or say things you don't mean - and I think that is just fab. I love you.

Carlie Madsen said...

Claire...I love reading your blog, and I feel like I shouldn't be allowed because I haven't actually spoken to you since High School...however, I just wanted to let you know, I really enjoy your posts and learning more about your adorable family (husband and cat!). And, I love your goals; I should adopt a few of those myself.

Kimberly said...

That's a LONG list of goals. I hope you can get all of them done! ...or at least progress made on all of them.