Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Beginning.

Well it has been a busy first few weeks of the year. To catch you up:

Michael and Joanna Miller visited! It was so great to see you guys!

I've been baking and cooking like whoa. That all ends today....well not ENDS, but diminishes, since I'm back to work and school as of today.

To prove my from scratchiness, see below:

Parker House Rolls! (What? That doesn't LOOK like a PH roll? WELL.... I am TERRIBLE at shaping rolls, as it turns out....)

I made Steak Frites, and here are les frites!Here is the steak with shallot butter sauce, boursin stuffed spinach (not as good as we'd hoped, but still pretty tastey), and the fries... SO good!

And again.

And HERE is the best baguette I've made to date! I'm SO happy with how this one turned out... it was crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and gloriously big! I have finally, after about a dozen times making it, perfected this little loafy.

We've been doing lots of cooking and eating and making fun cocktails around here. I made a raspberry tarte fromt scratch last week, but was not impressed with the flavor (and am so glad I didn't make it for guests!). We also saw a few movies this last weekend-- the last long weekend for a while for either of us :) We had a great time.

If you are concerned about Dutch, be not worried. See below, he's still fine, living in the lap of kitten luxury, eating, sleeping, fetching (which he has trained us to do excellently).
And so there are the only pictures from the last few weeks.... I know, I'll get better, I swear!

We also learned how to play (FINALLY) Settlers of Catan! You have no idea how many freaking nights in college I wondered what the great goodness that was, and now I know! So fun!

And today, talk about beginnings, President Barack Obama is... president. Pretty exciting. Not gonna lie, I cried. I'm rooting for him, praying for him, and planning to "do my part." My only complaint with all the news coverage is that everyone is saying that he is changing history. Is it me, or does that NOT MAKE SENSE? He is NOT changing history... he may be MAKING history, but he is not going back in time and changing a dang thing. Not a thing. And that phrase bothers me. I don't think that has anything to do with him, I think it's a dumb media phrase people are using. You can't change what already happened (and hi, maybe a little scary if that was the plan... hello Stalin!). So, hooray for you, President Obama.... you are MAKING history!

And there you have it. All caught up.
I'll post later this week about my classes once I've been to them all!


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Claire, you crack me up. I love your analysis of the "change" versus "make" and I think you're dead-on. Whose job is it to come up with meaningful messaging? Honestly. :)

Also, not gonna lie, your list of to-die-for from-scratchiness made me both a) more hungry than I already am (we can't live on Swedish Fish alone?) and b) embarrassed by my lack of domesticity. Can we trade talents sometime?

AMY said...

plus i love how the media kept saying things like, "a NEW government" as if we have never had a president, house, and senate!

good post, i am also embarrassed by my lack of cooking skills, something to work on i guess

Joanna said...

Wow. We definitely look like we're on/have been on a road trip. Congrats on the baguette. It's beautiful.

Ashley said...

Yeah for Settlers. Thaddeus and I are big fans we also have a couple of the extended games that are fun as well.

jules said...

All my friends play that game as well, and I am still in the dark about the thrill. maybe someday ill learn. and you make me laugh. i miss you girl. love the meal pics.

melissa o said...

Ok, so I have a confession. The REAL reason we are coming down in March...that baguette.

Whitney said...

Augh. Settlers of Catan is boring Claire! Boring boring boring!!! But I still love you.

Elisabeth B. said...

I love the way you fret about your baking, and meanwhile I'm looking at the photos of the food that you're always posting in sheer awe because I didn't actually know that dishes like that could be cooked in normal, home kitchens!

I also love the photos of Dutch! If I wasn't so worried about people judging me I'd probably post pictures of my boys, Elijah and Jeremiah, every single day to my blog!

Hope all is well :) I love keeping up on the goings-on in your life!