Thursday, October 02, 2008



You may or may not know that I have a deep and life-long love for the month of October.

October, I think, likes me quite a bit too :)

Odds are, October likes YOU too.

Currently, October is beckoning me outside to play in the lovely cold weather that is so perfectly Fallish and lovely. YET my brain must reject this kind offer, and stay inside and read a Marxist criticism of Hamlet. Cruel, no?

Fortunately, I am stimulated by this because my long and tempestuous relationship with Karl Marx and his cronies is serving me well here. BUT, I do long to drink apple cider and wander around a Farmer's market (ideally one in Union Square...). But here, in Kentucky, right outside my window, Fall is lovely. Period. I think I'll burn my Pumpkin Spice candle all day today, and fly in the face of housing with my open flame. What a rebel!

And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY! My Sister's birthday is today! Woo! My mother in law's birthday is the 6th! I have two friend anniversaries this month, like 10 friend birthdays, and of course my OWN birthday, which we all I know I get WAY too excited about :)

So yeah, HOORAY October! I think God had me be born a month early because he knew I would love October so very much.



Whitney said...

I am so dumb! I read this and thought, "Wow! Claire's mother is law's birthday is the same as Mom's" I love the fall too! My favorite season!

melissa o said...

Woot!!! October is LOVELY. Lovely like my Claire-Bear!

jules said...

i wish i could love cold weather and pumpkin spice candles. but i we are not allowed to have an open flame in the apt, and its still pretty damn hot. enjoy it for me!

Unknown said...

mmmmm i miss apple cider from the union square farmer's market. but not as much as i miss you xo

Kimberly said...

It's very Fall-ish here today...65 degrees and rainy! But the colors aren't as vibrant this year. That's a big disappointment. Still, I'm with you...there's no other month like October!

Here's to October birthday girls! YAY!!! Love you!