Monday, October 13, 2008

This Little Piggy.

Here are a few pictures of the little Dutch.
Many of them are taken to show you that he is, more and more, not so little!

Whenever I do anything at my sink, Dutch curls up in Matthew's sink... Love, you're going to have some competition!

He likes to climb, and get high... and get the blinds, of course.
Caught again!

I don't know why this won't turn, but here is Dutch in one of Matthew' earlier packages... he made sure to bit the corners on pretty much every box I sent... just saying hi I suppose.

He loves sitting here. It is a rare treat, I suppose.

Now, the harness. I have been putting his harness on and taking him outside for the last few weeks. At first, this was quite hilarious... he couldn't decide between rolling around and biting the harness, and running around outside. He'd run.... then roll and bit, then run.... then roll and bit. Here he is before he's got the distractions of the outside world.

Also please know, this harness is ridiculously loose. If he could figure out how to get his little front legs out, he'd have no problem slithering out of it. He's just not used to having ANYTHING on him because I don't keep him in a collar.

Here he is in my bag of Fall decor.

This guy. This one is going to get me in trouble with Matthew... I TRY to keep him off the table, but he's just so dang cute!!! How could I resist THIS?

THIS is Crazy Old Maurice. For about 4 days last week he decided to take up residence in the shade of our front yard. He is apparently a stray around here- don't worry, I didn't feed him or anything. He's not very nice- just before this picture he hissed at me, hehe. I know he has to be rough and tough on the streets, it coo. Cat gotta do what a cat gotta do.

Anyway, back to the magnanimous Dutch. This is Matthew's last package.

Dutch tried to convince me to let him go in it, but I told him he couldn't.

He REALLY tried to convince me, but I resisted.

And so, that is the latest on the beasty little Dutch!


Whitney said...

Holy crap! He's gotten so big! Makes me want a pussy cat of my own!

Kimber said...

I have to admit, he is pretty cute cat.