Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Wear Mascara If You Don't Wanna Cry.

It seems to be a reality, a truth, an inevitability. If I wear mascara, and while applying it occurs to me that if I cry it'll be a pain, and then reassure myself that I won't cry.... I WILL cry.

Nothing, absolutely nothing legitimate caused my tears today- including PMS. No reason. I mean, yes, it looks like Frank and Vinney are going under the knife (translation: thyroid cyst to be removed at tbd date in next year-or-so). But that is not exactly new, not exactly shocking, and actually what I do want... oh, and not prompted by a cancerous biopsy or anything like that, so really ALL positive.

I went to a "reintegration" briefing today and learned all about the homecoming ceremonies and details which was, as you might expect, absolutely fabulous!

And yet, because of the mascara, I cried. Like a maniac. Hehe. Oy.

Anyway, that was my day. Plagued by the doom of mascara, I suppose :) The great part of the day, on top of chatting with my husband, drinking great coffee, learning about the homecoming of my beloved, and having a great class, I am happy to report I received an A on my first graduate level paper and also received the support of my professor for submitting it to a state-wide literary conference! I am thrilled!

And so, there you have it. But ladies, is it not true? Not every time you wear mascara, no. Am I the only one that this happens to? No foreseeable reason to cry, and yet as you apply it occurs to you that "of course I won't cry" and then you inevitably do?


melissa o said...

Congrats on the A!!! And hooray for the homecoming briefing (PS - funny story to tell you tomorrow re: Matthews - your Matthew and my Matthew)

As for the mascara - I wear it daily and luckily I don't cry daily, so I am a no-go in that respect.

As for F&V my least favorite little glands in the world...I know it's not super news, but hopefully it can put the fears to rest...

Love you.

Whitney said...

Yay on your paper!!!! Was it the one on Hamlet? I keep telling random people that Matthew is coming home. They're like, "oookay?" but I don't care cause I'm so excited! I need to call you!

Matthew said...

samething happens to me......oh wait I mean....I dont cry, I work out.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, Congrats on the A. Good job, we are missing you a lot, Todd left today for Arizona for training he is loving the new job. Same thing for me with mascara it is a given. Grace and Douglas say hi. Love you Denise