Sunday, February 11, 2007


Holy Crap guys.... its tomorrow!

My Colloquium is LESS than 24 hours away.

So far I'm doing pretty well with not freaking out. I, of course, had a weird dream about it last night, so I woke up feeling weird about it, but over the course of the day those panic feelings have subsided.

I made "mimi brownies" (mmmm) for it too, and the combination of baking from scratch and just occupying my time in a constructive way today was important and enjoyable.

I really can't believe that this time tomorrow the culmination (besides ACTUALLY graduating) of my academic career to this point will be complete. Amazing.

Hope you all have a great week... I'm sure I'll post when its over!

Thanks for the support thus far, even though so often its hard to understand what it is you're supporting!


jules said...

im praying for you...

Laura said...

I'm so excited for you... you'll be done in 8 hours!

Matthew said...

AND YOU ARE DONE!! Hooray! You did an amazing job!