Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pictorial: Smash and Gilbert

Some pictures from my visit yesterday with Dash, Ian, Elizabeth, Gilbert, and Sulivan.


Dash isn't quite tall enough to ride his toy.

His toy, by the way, is named Burt Reynolds.

He's able to walk AND palm a ball now- watchout!

I got to feed the little one and cuddle a bit- he's So sweet!

So cute.

He loves his mommy and daddy!

Here he's holding one of Ian's shoes and it was so cute- it was half his size!

Carrying the shoe into the kitchen to mom and dad.

Gilbert as the anchor of my "dynamic" picture for my photo class.

Gilbert needed to investigate/rub the camera.

Fancy boots, eh?

Yikes, terrible of me, but I got some cuddlin' in with this little guy, and thus have satiated my desperate longing for the Herm. It doesn't go away, but it is eased by this fellow.

I love his little lip in this one.

Place to go!

A little comfort food.

On a mission to get the ball.

Dash wanted to drink from the bottle. Ian showed him.

The he insisted on having it- and it seemed cruel to refuse him
after it had been demonstrated for him.

But in the end, the juice trumped the bottle.

I had a great time with Ian and Elizabeth. It was so fun to see Dash- he's getting more mature all the time! And great to get some cuddles from Gilbert, too.


Mel said...

Ooooooooooo - soooo cute!!!

I cannot believe how big he is.

Whitney said...

I like Herman. And I'm sure I'd like Gilbert too. I like cats. Cats don't like me. Once I get my tax return I am buying tix for NYC!

Matthew said...

I am looking forward to seeing that lil guy next week. I also cannot wait to see his good looking Auntie Claire!

jules said...

ummm could he be any more adorable? love the pics.