Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Getting Old.

Matthew was supposed to arrive here Thursday morning at 6:30am... and actually arrived (after four cancelled flights, 18 hours in what sounds like the crappiest airport on earth (no food, no tv's...nothing)) Friday night around 9pm.

The time when he was supposed to be here, but wasn't was awful. It was bad for me- I had cleared my schedule and literally done all possible homework-- had nothing left to do. But it was so much worse for him... no food, no distraction, nothing to do but sit in an airport after ZERO sleep. Thank God, he finally arrived and we had a great four days together.

While I was missing him it literally ached (aches, as he's gone again... flying even now, as I type) to think of how much I miss being with him. I was so sad, and I AM sad every time we have to say goodbye or are confronted with life WITHOUT eachother. And yet... I couldn't help but thank God for how wonderful it is to miss someone that much. To love someone SO very much, and KNOW them that well, and care for them so deeply that you feel physically ill when you can't be with them... it's pretty amazing.

In the end we had a wonderful time together and were reminded yet again of how much we love eachother, and how much FUN we have together. We also realized yet again that this whole long distance thing is getting old. Now with just under three months (holy crap) to graduation, and under six months (holy crap!) til the wedding, I am starting to understand more and more why people say engagement sucks... not to mention long distance relationships. You'd think it would get easier to say goodbye after nearly two years of it... but it keeps getting harder.

The redeeming part of all this is how wonderful it is to be with him... and yes, even to miss him when it comes right down to it.

This was a little mopy, sorry. I'll put some pictures up soon and that wil be fun, I promise.

Thanks for coming love, I had a wonderful weekend.


Matthew said...

I had a wonderful time with you. That first hug made the 18 hours in Long Beach seem like just a bad dream. I love you so.

sarah said...

"reunited and it feels so good..."

Mel said...

You know - this may be a little backwards - but I am glad that you are feeling that way. I would be worried if you weren't...

I do love you! And in less than 6 months (almost less than 5 months) you will marry the man that God has been preparing for you all his life.