Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You Don't Even Know.


My nephew MAY be the cutest child on the planet. (or... he IS.)

I know, I know. Everyone says their baby is the cutest. But he is DANG cute. I have to say my older nephew was a SUPER cute one too... must be the genes!

I do, however, feel that this may curse me with a scary, alien-like baby who people refer to as "a sweet spirit" rather than an adorable child.

Happily I tell you that both of my nephews have sweet spirits and super-sweet genes that make them look like they are destined to be heart-breaking young chaps.

I'll post some pictures of the Dashielly Dash when I get back from Vegas. And I realize I haven't had hardly any pictures of my dear Jayson either, so we'll get some of those on here so you can meet him more formally- he'll be headin' to Alabama so I'll have a small child to terrorize... mwahah! Oh wait...

Anyway... had caffeine this morning, rearing its ugly head... you know the drill!

Have a GREAT hump day all!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out of It.

I've been out of the blog loop lately.

I do have pictures to put up here, and I'll do that soon, i hope. But if not I'm about to head to vegas, and the cutest baby on earth is coming to town, so I'm sure I'll have many more pictures after the coming week.

In case I'm a bum and don't get to updating more in the next crazy gauntlet of days, this is my schedule:

5/30- Dashiell and Eliz come to town!
5/31-Off to Vegas with Matthew, Whitney, Whitney, and Jesse! Cheesecake Factory here we come!
6/1- Weird. June..... and We Are Scientists at the Celebrity Theater at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas!
6/2- Home from Vegas.
6/3- Barbeque with the Minnesotans! (it's the saturday, right? Or is it on the 2nd?)
6/5- Big fat meeting at work!
6/6- To Alabama for wedding number one of the summer! John, my cousin, is gettin' hitched! Nothing like southern heat...
6/11- Home from Alabama.
6/13- E and D head back to NY. Julie comes home?
6/16- Red and White Wine Soiree!

And that's all for now. The next date on that list would be the oh-so-sad day that my Matthew leaves for LDAC. But Let's not talk about that for now.

Anyway... to entertain yourselves in lieu of my horrid post, go check out we are scientists (.com) website and be amused- there are some video clips of interviews, etc etc on there... enjoy!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So the rules are, once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with "6 weird facts/things/habits about yourself." In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read yours.

I’d just like to say Mel basically stole all my people to tag…

First weird thing about me: I love brushing my teeth. No, really. I love it so much that buying a new toothbrush is like Christmas morning, that the right toothpaste can make or break the experience, that flossing is a God-given activity, that I love the dentist. I have seriously considered writing Crest about some of their faulty toothbrush models… and also writing them to praise their expert designs in other instances. What can I say… my teeth are happy so it works out. I’ve never had a cavity and I’m pretty sure the love of the dental-care experience aids that. I’d also like to brag that I’ve never had braces… but that is perhaps andication of why I don’t hate the dentist.

2) I do, on the other hand HATE the eye doctor. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I know it takes energy to hate stuff, and this is, probably other than ignorance, the one thing I hate. I LOATHE the eye doctor with my whole body… especially my eyes. BLeh…I can’t say more about it. Oy, shiver me timbers.

3) If I start walking down the sidewalk in a certain rhythm and I am either stepping on the cracks that separate cement segments or not stepping on them, I have to continue in this pattern. My OCD takes over and I get really freaked out if I step on a crack when I hadn’t been before, or vice versa. That may not make sense… but if you’ve been with me for any length of time you’ve probably witnessed it. I take the “don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back” to an extreme.

4) I eat corn row by row. None of that nasty “take a bite outta crime” business… I eat it neat-like, orderly consumption is next to… something good. Again, this may not make much sense, but just trust me. Or ask Mel for a testimonial. See how disgusting that looks? Why should refine go out the window with corn? I just DON't Know!

5) I talk to my cat (Herm!) like he is human… and I think there is a large part of me (lover 90%) that believes he understands. It’s just that look in his eye… man, I’m doomed to be a crazy cat lady. Someone buy this for me! heh!

6) I have an intense love for Arnold Schwarzenegger and refuse to believe he is less than 6 feet tall. I don’t care what you say, he’s tall, he’s HUGE! I doubt very seriously that if I see him in person and he is small that I will believe him… I’ll probably ask him to “just go ahead and stand up straight Governor, there’s no fooling me”… Does that man look 5'7'' to YOU? I don't think so...

This doesn’t even begin to delve into the depths of my weirdness, and I know some of them are really boring, but I’m at a loss for any of my true oddities. If you happen to remember any that I’ve missed (oh gosh…) go ahead and post them in the comments.

As for who I’m tagging… uh… Staci (in all that free time of yours dear!), Amy G, Kimber (though I’m betting Josh tagged you), Beth, and Joshua P!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

From Underneath a Rock.

Hi all,

Working, eating, playing, sleeping, working out..., yep, that's pretty much it. I apologize for not being a more faithful blogger, but I promise I'll do my best now that I'm working my way into a summer routine to get you some more up-to-date updates. And ideally one of these days I'll be blogging about my nice paycheck that I have... though week three has proved no closer to that. In the end, though, all is well and I like where I work so even if they never pay me I think it's worth it.

Love to you all, leave ME some love, and hopefully blogful inspiration will soon strike!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Ok guys, I know, I know, it has been a while.

I am back. Things are good. I am loving work. It has ALMOST registered that I am home for the summer... hooray!

Until I have something more intelligent to say (besides the fact that all my grades are in so I feel the semester is officially concluded, yay!) I'll leave you this...

Go there, and be entertained! Also, sorry it's not a link, Blogger on safari can't do links, and Firefox is being sloooww..

Much love. And to Ash and Thadd- can't wait to see you guys! And to Julia-- I love you!

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day, USA!

"U-S-A! U-S-A!"
I hear the chants of thousands of immigrants chanting USA from the park outside my window. As crazy as that can get- always hearing SOMETHING from my window- I'm going to miss it.

Today is my last afternoon to spend listening to the sounds of Union Square. I've lived in Union Square basically all 3 years here at NYU (minus a stint in Florence, of course!), and it is going to be such an odd change of scene!

The great thing is, I'm moving to a neighborhood. I won't be in a square anymore, but on a real live street in New York. Not that Union Square isn't fantastic, because it has been great and I'm going to miss it, but I think it will be pretty great to have a change of scenery, a change of feeling when I walk down my street. We'll see.

Anyway... things are getting packed up, slowly but surely. I'm shipping only one box home, which is nice. Tonight I have my last class-- finally! I have an 8 page paper to turn in (well, an epic poem... and no, you can't read it, it is the WORST thing I've ever written, bar none!), and I'm going to have a little in-class debate that 15% of my grade hinges on. Needless to say I'll be happy when the game of this class is OVER and I can relax! Tomorrow I'm running the rest of my stuff (that upon which I'll be sleeping this evening!) to the storage space, grab one last meal with Eliz and Dashy, and then be off!

OH... and I got a confirmed upgrade! MWAHAHHA! I highly recommend being a medallion flyer! YESSSSS!!!!

Anyway... I'm off. I have pictures to post and all that jazz, but in all honesty I bet that won't happen until after this saturday, when work hopefullly slowls down a bit. But maybe tonight, I dunno..

Ok, I'm done talking!