Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matthew's Birthday in review.

Trying to catch up with my blog before school begins! Here are a few pictures from Matthew's birthday (he worked that day).

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, of course.

Dutch was pretty interested in the cupcake.

Our friends dropped this gift off in the afternoon on his birthday. Dutch had been sniffing it, climbing it, biting it ALL day. He couldn't WAIT to get whatever was in that bag OUT so he could take his rightful place in the giant bag!
The Macs gave Matthew a home beer brewing kit! Should be fun for him to experiment. He hasn't gotten going on it yet because he has been so crazy busy, but I know when he gets into it it'll be really fun!
Dutch was finally able to commandeer the bag:
It was a great birthday. Despite being called in to work right in the midst of our celebration the next night, I think he had a pretty dang good birthday!


melissa o said...

Oh fun! Yay for Matthew being 27!