Saturday, August 29, 2009

Food, etc.

Homemade blueberry pie with Vodka crust (the vodka evaporates, but helps the crust roll out more easily without creating a gummy or tough crust).

The bacon and leek part of my bacon and leek tart- I forgot to take a picture of the tart!

A GLORIOUS Raspberry Buttermilk cake- this was SO delicious!

Strawberry scones.
They cooked up much bigger than I thought, but Matthew and I both loved these! They were really pretty easy too!

I also made a really great raspberry ice-box pie but didn't take a picture of THAT either! But I've had some fun experimenting lately.


CLR said...

Your food just made me so hungry!!! haha

Joshua said...

So when I first saw the title of this blog, I thought it said Food Inc., and I was afraid that you were gonna review the movie (which I'm intentionally avoiding because I'm afraid to see how the food I'm eating is produced... cowardly, I know). But hooray that it's about the yummy food you're making!

melissa o said...

Woah. Those scones? And that buttermilk cake? Man. One day I will be a good wife.

KToth said...

Glad to find your blog, too!
I am so hungry right now, those scones look delish.
Can I add your blog to my blogroll, so I don't forget the address?

Kimber said...

Update time!

Laura and John said...

I would totally love the recipe for the scones- I've been trying to find a good one!