Thursday, August 27, 2009

Air Assault.

So this is an old post, but I never published it! He graduated in July, so it has been a while, but still exciting!

Matthew has officially graduated from Air Assault School!

You may wonder what that is... so click the link below to see a short video that shows ONE of the things they do (fast-roping out of a helicopter). You can slide it to 1:20 and get to the action sooner.
They also rig different things to helicopters- particularly trucks, water, fuel, etc etc, and they have to memorize the weight of those items, all the weight capacities and limits for the various things they use to sling the items, and then they have to know how to actually properly DO it. YIPES. Pretty intense! They started with 250 guys (after the initial run and inspection- they dropped a LOT of people then but we don't know how many) and only 130 graduated!

At the ceremony they had to do a few last push ups before they could get their pin.
Aw, graduate!
SFC Mac and some guys from Matt's unit came to congratulate him.
And naturally, his lovely wife!

So CONGRATULATIONS MATTHEW! I'm proud of ya, and glad you got to have a few weeks away from the regular ol' grind, and enjoy some physical challenges as well as a few "rushes."


Whitney said...

Good job Mashew

melissa o said...

Both our boys graduated this summer. What good guys we married. Love you guys and so proud of Matthew!