Thursday, June 04, 2009

She's Kind of a Big Deal.

So, I feel a little gushy this morning... forgive me in advance.

My Melissa friend has always been extremely skilled at finding, appreciating, and creating visual brilliance. Whether this manifested itself in her fabulous wardrobe, her love of fashion and interior design, the way she decorates, her signature, or even her earliest blogs (yes folks, I guarantee you Melissa has been blogging longer than any of us... anyone!?), Mel has an eye for the beautiful.

Knowing this, it is only fitting that she is not only pursuing, but succeeding, in the world of photography. I know Melissa has loved photography for a LONG time. Thanks to her, Davina Fear was brought to my attention and contracted for my wedding.

Well anyway, I'm just babbling. The point is, Melissa loves photography. With a full time job, a husband just recently graduated from Law school, and a crazy little lab pupster, she has been working her butt off to learn more about her camera, editing, etc etc. This is paying off, and I'm really enjoying the fruits of her labor.

If you'd like to enjoy her skill and growth, definitely check out her website! She has been doing photo shoots and is starting to do weddings too! You've probably visited her blog, but now she has a photography blog AND her own website which is simply stunning.

You can see her growth ALREADY from shoot to shoot. She started great, so the fact that she is shooting more means she's skyrocketing to fantasticalness! And, no big deal, but she just signed on as a photographer at a MAJOR Minneapolis photography business! What what! That's my girl!

Alright, enough. Just go look! Feast your eyes on Melissa's gifts!


melissa o said...

You are very sweet to me. I love you lots and lots and, yes, LOTS.

Leslie said...

You are right! Her pictures are fabulous!

Whitney said...

She's awesome. Can't wait to see the pic's from Whitney's wedding. I know they will be great!