Monday, June 01, 2009

Elton and Billy.

So on May 16 I had the privilege of seeing Elton John and Billy Joel. It just so happened that my friend Lauren, who invited me, knows someone who works on Billy's tour. So... we ended up with 2nd row center tickets. Pretty sweet. Forgive me, my pictures aren't great because of the lighting. But you'll get the gist.

The pianos.

The overweight, middle-aged rock stars.

Aw, friends.

Elton's eye candy, brought to the front row at the last min,
just like the sexy little college girls that were on Billy's side.

They really both played all the hits. They did a half set together intially, then Elton played a full set, then Billy played a full set, and then they finished together with another half set and encore. A VERY good concert- certainly worth the money
(well, I didn't pay, but had I, it would have been).

Elton was a bit hidden behind the piana.

Sang it Billy.

Me and Elton.

Billy was actually pretty funny. Elton didn't banter much, he was straight up music.

Me and Billy.

Elton came to the front to shake hands etc- I got ALL up in his business...

With my camera, obviously.

Lauren is the girl on the left, and then there's me (turtle neck as my bandage was on and looking a bit gruesome still) and the other two ladies are Lauren's neighbors.

He played guitar and danced with the mich during "We Built This City"

Towards the end they got a little crazy and were crawlin about on their pianos.

Here are a few short videos of the concert:

Thank you Lauren for a great night!!!
Thank you Billy and Elton for singin and playin your hearts out!


melissa o said...

That's AMMMMMMAZING! I am so ridiculously jealous! I thought I was super lucky to see Rod Stewart from a box suite but my friend...your experience is sooooooooooo much better!


Beth said...

I might be too jealous to be your friend right now. That is AWESOME!!!

ryann and jeff said...

SO jealous!!!

Organic Meatbag said...

Cool...Billy Joel's drummer Chuck Burgi is a good friend of mine...awesome, awesome drummer!

Whitney said...

I can't believe you got THAT close to Elton!