Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I realized that I never posted pictures of el scar, and now you have seen... well you have seen it all through the Disney World pics! So here are the pictures so far.

The night before surgery. One last look at the boys from the outside:

I'd like to post a few directly post surgery because it shows a few sweet friends who dropped by. Beware, this is a post-op picture...just a heads up. The picture isn't bad, but I don't know, maybe some of you weirdos are sensitive to medical stuff. L-R: Suzanne, me, Joanne (Army friends! Joanne brought me the boa, silver platter, balloon, and some flowers. Yes, that is Jello on the tray :) and Suzanne brought an awesome Gerber Daisey plant that my sweet Da planted when we got home and is still blooming its little head off! Thanks ladies!)

I don't seem to have pictures of the healing process... but you should be happy about that. In the above you can see where they stapled the dressings to me, and the tape is over the actual incision.

Here I am today:

No lumps! No cysts that look like an Adam's apple! What what y'all!

And yes, that is the new, shorter, lighter Claire hair! Minus 5 inches all told!
I think it suits the scar too, kind of frames it, hehe.

So what now? What can I expect? Well probably a few months worth of adjusting meds- I got back in June 22nd to see how my tsh levels are. I've been pretty tired and had a few other things going on that I'm hoping are tied to imperfect levels, but we'll see. I can expect shooting pain, dull aches, and other sensations over the next few months as the nerves come back- so far more dull aches than shooting pains, thankfully.

And I guess it will get more red for the next few months... tomorrow I'm 5 weeks post-op. At 6 months, it will be its reddest, but at 1 yr, it'll be sluth. I had my mom send me a bunch of scars so I could cover it, but I really haven't felt the need. Hopefully it doesn't freak people out... I have noticed people see it, and notice it, but none (as of yet) have shriveled back in fear, so ya know. It is so very small, I cannot complain one bit.

Anyway, not that you actually wanted to know, but I decided I'd force feed you my progress. Take it! Take it all!!!


Whitney said...

wow, I didn't realize the incision was that big and right there AH. You are one tough cookie...I am just glad it's all good now :)

melissa o said...

Teeny tiny mini little scar.

And it is UNFAIR that you are pure hotness even in a hospital bed and ESPECIALLY after surgery.

Whitney said...

Love love love LOVE the hair. And I'm sure you'll encounter some tactless person that will flat out ask you about it and you can say, "I was in a bar fight with someone who asked a tactless question. Come to think of it it was the same kind of tactless question you just asked. They didn't come out looking as pretty as this...." and then just calmly stare them down until they walk away in fear and respect.

Xaris said...

I don't think I ever mentioned that my mother had the same exact surgery on her like years and years ago. Her scar gets some comments sometimes, but it really has gotten better. But yours looks much smaller than hers! Maybe it's because they've gotten some new-fangled technology to make it less invasive (is that evena word, I may have made that up). Anyway, you look great over all!

Camille said...

It looks GREAT! You are so beautiful, who could possibly even SEE the scar with those eyes staring back! Love you so!!! Mommy