Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Line of Defense.

So, I got a sunburn on April 17.

Not a bad one, but you know, red, tender all that. On my shoulders, neck, a bit on my forearms.

I am publicly declaring this will be the one and only sunburn I get this season.
Yep, the only one.

See, the thing is, on the whole I'm pretty strictly anti-cancer. I've known two great people who have died of skin cancer, and both Matthew's parents and mine have had large patches of face and other parts removed thanks to ol' skin canceresque molies.

So... I'm just not playing. I'm not playing the game that says I need to have a tan to be pretty, to feel good about myself, or to be sexy for my man. If you've seen Matthew, you know that he's whiter than me. And, Praise Jesus, he likes his ladies thataway. So ... no worries there.

How shall I defend myself? I regularly wear SPF 35 facial lotion and makeup that has SPF 15 in it. As of one week ago I now mix in some 85 SPF with my moisturizer, and I wear it on all exposed parts. I am tracking all moles and the like on my body too, just to I can be aware of what's up.

I also plan to get a ridiculously large sun hat to wear when gardening or outside at all, and I will be wearing brimmed hats more often to protect my chalky-white scalp.

I know I got burned a handful of times as a child, and often chose not to wear sunscreen in high school. As much as I HATE to admit it, I even fake baked in a tanning booth just shy of a dozen times. YIPES. That was in the era of acrylic nails too...don't judge! So here's the thing... I'm already behind. Aside from the fact that I have blue eyes, light brown (naturally, yes, light brown... shut your mouth)hair, and pale freckled skin, I have deliberately exposed myself to harmful rays for the sake of my vanity. OY.

So... I quit! Like I said, I'm not buying what yer sellin. I like the look of tanned arms, and sure, I'll spend time in the sun! I LOVE the sun! But that's just it. I'll wear sunscreen, I'll be smart, and I will not fakebake ever again. Oh no no no.

My challenge to you is... quit too! At least quit being irresponsible about your sun exposure. And ladies... come on. Keep your face OUT of the sun! We've seen leatherfaces about... that's what happens to YOU when you're in the sun too much! Not just the ladies in Miami! WEAR SUNSCREEN. You'll still get color! We're young now, but it adds up, it really does! And when you lay out (if you must... I know some of you crazies are just made to soak up sun), then STILL WEAR SUN SCREEN and COVER YOUR FACE!

Rant over. Cheers to a summer of smelling like sunscreen!


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Here here. I've become increasingly more aware of my ultra-white gams, especially since I'm the only blonde, blue-eyed caucasian at my grocery store :). But I will not let it get the best of me - I'm a big ol' fan of healthy skin.

Great call with mixing sunscreen into your moisturizer. I hate taking the time to put it on - but a once-over with my post-shower smooth? I can swing that.

Kaytee said...

I got a facial in October and the lady said she can already see sun damage on my face at 26!!! Ouch. So I have been wearing SPF 30 on my face every day since then. Yes, even in the winter because you still need it in the winter!
I also went tanning in my youth, specifically before our wedding and I am with you on never doing that again. Not worth the risk!
So here's to sunscreen! I'm glad you are protecting yourself!

melissa o said...

Don't you DARE step off that soapbox!!!


AMY said...

i had that same realization about 2 years ago. i only buy face moisturizer that has spf in it but in the summer it is not enough. at least the world is starting to produce sunscreen that is drier and not so beach smelly. i even have a powdered spf 30 for summer time oil mattifier - a bit pricey but i like it when it's every day drivin' in the car, going to the store, you know. i say - white, fair, blue eyed, dark hair, unite! plus being pale used to be the cool thing, lets bring it back!

Natalie said...

Preach it sister! I am all about being cancer-free, and may I highly recommend the brand Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DryTouch, definitely a fave for me and dermatologists I know...

Anonymous said...

Good for you. It's funny that I used to go tanning all the time. A few years ago I would say who cares about sunburns, but when a black dot appeared on my face it scared me. Luckily it's not cancer but I think it's enough to scared me out of the sun. Plus, fair skin is much more timeless than leather skin couch.

Kimber said...

Ha ha, bad time to tell you that I tan twice a week to get ready for my trip to TN in the summer, huh? ;)