Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Debbie Downer!

Ok folks, I just posted the two posts, and in thinking about the first, I think I need to rewind.

Here is a list of all the GREAT things happening, and the reasons I'm thankful for both school, and el surgerisco.


2- I like to learn

3- I like books

4- I like having intellectual conversations about totally minute and ultimately unimportant things

5- school contains the above three items.

6-I'm almost (one week!) half way done with my Master's degree!

7- Soon, I will no longer have two Brooklyn accented cysts living in my neck (because, naturally, if you are named Frank and Vinney, you are clearly from Brooklyn, duh).

8- Dudes dig scars.... so whatever my little scar looks like, I'm going to be THAT much cooler, and ever MORE attractive to my sweet and unsuspecting husband! MWAHAAH.

9- I get to see my parents. What better way to lure them out to see me than have a medical occurrence. Hahahahah, I've got your number Dr. and Mrs. Cain!!!

10- I get to take my finals first, and THEN have the surgery- talk about awesome timing! How fantastic and convenient that I got to schedule the surg on my time, AND my professors are working with my to bump all schoolness entirely from the week I have surgery (so as to ensure I'm not thinking of scalpels as I explicate a Sonnet, etc).

11- Less in the vein of surgery or school, but I have a pretty amazing husband. Like, this man blows my mind. And I can go hyper to mushy in about 1.2 seconds if I need to, but I'll avoid that, because if you've met him you know he's a man of integrity, kindness, and for some reason loves this girl. Wow.

12- we planted berry bushes!!! You can only imagine how happy this makes me, as you all know my great affinity and at times obsession with berries. Blueberries, blackberries, rasps, and strawberries are in the ground. SO excited!

13- The trees in KY springtime are AMAZING. We have had the most beautiful bloomings here lately! See the Easter pics for the latest pink blooms in front of our house- WOW!

14- Dutch is continually entertaining, and I know he is helping me avoid an ulcer right now. Petting that little guy until he starts kicking me with his little hind legs is such a stress reliever followed by tension breaker. I mean, can you really take yourself seriously when you have a little beasty cat trying to eat your fist? (answer: no)

15- I am almost back to reading WHATEVER I want. My part time job this summer is going to be preparing for the comprehensive exam, which does mean reading specific books. But the beauty: they are pretty much all books I've WANTED to read. I can choose the order, how long it takes me, and at least for the next 4 months, I won't be writing 15 page papers on them :) I'm sure i'll throw some non-school books in. In fact, I'm giving myself May to read WHATEVER. Comment your recommendations please!!!

16- I get to write this summer. Hello. Better than that, I'm actually inspired and excited to spend regimented time on writing. BIG HELLO.

17- I have an FRG (Family Readiness Group) co-leader! This means MUCH less work and pressure for me, and another person to learn with! HOORAY!

18- I'm bike hunting on, and am so excited to get a bike! I'm thankful even for the prospect of cruising around the neighborhood!

19- Spring and summer mean fabulous fruit and vegetables. That is a reason to be thankful for this time of year for SURE.

20- And finally... Life is good. It really is. Over all, it is. So please forgive me for being a freaking Debbie downer whiney face in the last post. LAME. Cause I have SO much to be thankful for and happy about. That doesn't make the other stuff go away, but wow, how self indulgent to sit down in the middle of it all! So... there you go. Thankful for the attitude adjustment too!


melissa o said...

I don't know who to be more jealous of. Your parents for getting to see you or you for getting to see your parents.

ryann and jeff said...

i love #4 because i enjoy this as well!

Lauren said...

"The trees in KY springtime are AMAZING"

it's sooooo true!!!
wish i could see them!