Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Girl Shoes.

You make me stand tall
You add some inches
I like you a lot
except where it pinches

You help me seem leaner
my pant hems are cleaner
My legs look much longer
my ab muscles get stronger

I feel put together
when you grace my feet
Flats don't do it, either
(but they don't make me bleet)

So cheers to you, high heels
you sure are swell
Though I got a blister
On this I won't dwell

And so until next time
I'll keep this affection
and am happy to have you
in my wardrobe selection.


melissa o said...

AHAHAHAHAH. Oh how I love this. Especially in light of my recent...impluse.

Whitney said...

Very nice. Whitney introduced me to Cinderella's of Boston. They specialize in big girl shoes for women with my impairment. I just got a pair and they fit wonderfully! And they're for big girls!