Sunday, September 07, 2008

All is Well!

Hey all,

I realized that I really haven't updated on school, or on that class I taught!

School is good. Life has been busy! I have found it pretty tricky to get myself back into non-procrastinating self-discipline mode. I do like the classes for the most part, and I am really happy with my professors, on the whole.

The class I got to "teach" last week was really fun. Of course my hands got all clammy and gross right as I walked in, and I was shaking a little- that's what adrenaline does to me. If you've ever been around me when I'm talking about something I care about, or doing something that might charge me with adrenaline, then you can picture exactly how I looked standing at the end of that conference table :)

I'm afraid I mis-lead some of you though. I am not going to be teaching an actual class this whole semester, I have to complete a year of this program before I am officially qualified to do that. I was pinch-hitting for one of the professors I assist. Still though, it was great. And I had the sinking sensation that someday, I'll get my PhD, just so I can do that every day. Kind of exciting :)

It was great too because the prof came in about half way through the class right when I was losing steam on the discussion scene. She stepped in and picked up where I left off, and WOW I learned a lot from watching her do what I had been doing. I attend the class every Tuesday and it is great to look in on how she approaches each subject, and how she dissects the texts. Dissects the texts. Dissects the texts. Ok, sorry :)

Anyway, all is well here. I am defying the rules and NOT mowing the lawn today... going to see if it can wait until Thursday, oh rebel that I am. Hopefully I won't get a warning from housing... 3 strikes and you're out!

Dutch has been neutered and other than a little clumsiness, he is doing really well. He's pretty much back to normal today, just a little smaller appetite still. He has also been micro chipped so now he can be identified if he ever escapes! I'm very happy they were able to do it while he was sleeping :)

Anyway, I'm headed back to read some Marxist Critical Theory... just finished the chapter on Gay and Lesbian critical theory which is not so much my bag, but Marxist I can get behind. Anyway, hope you all are doing well. I'll try to be less boring and random... and more consistent!


Kimber said...

I am glad to hear things went so well! The videoconference class deal is definitely a little challending, but I am loving the discussions we have had so far.
I will E mail you more later this week!

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Well, permanent or no - one college course under your belt and you have one college course taught on me :).

I did have an old professor suggest I come guest lecture his class in Logan sometime. I may just have to take him up on that - sounds fun!

Whitney said...

ooh I love critical theory! Marxist was interesting and I thought Queer theory was too (that's what they called it when I took the class!) Makes me miss English stuff!