Friday, November 02, 2007


Well hello.

Sorry my blog the other day was a bit dramatic. But hey... being separated from your new husband is pretty dramatic, not gonna lie.

So.... in other news.........

I told you that I had heard back from two of three professors about grad school, both yeses to my request for a recommendation letter. I sent those out 2 weeks from yesterday ago (forgive the... whatever that was). I was talking with matt the other day about how I was kind of frustrated because I had tried two different e-mail addresses and there isn't really a way to call him. So I decide I'd take a risk and e-mail my Public Service professor. He would be a "better" recommendation than the unresponsive professor, but I hadn't had his class since Junior year so I was naturally a little worried about whether he'd remember.

I'd been putting off sending him an e-mail (the new prof) but today after a long meeting at work I decided to pull the trigger on the e-mail and just DO it to make sure I had given propper time for him to respond either way.

I then went over to hang out with my mom for a few, and about an hour later came back.. just now. And I had an e-mail... from THAT professor! HOLY CRAP! And he said that yes, he did remember me, and he'd be happy to recommend me! WOW! What a perfect twist! Not only is he willing, but he will be a much more "prestigious" recommendation, particularly for my chosen program, etc. I am so excited!

What an unexpected little gift!


Matthew said...

Hooray for your public service prof! I am so proud of you for requesting those and for starting the application process.