Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Tour.

The door... currently adorned with a wreath made my yours truly.

My sad, sad efforts at fall decorations. I had thought I'd get a little table to put right there, but after a while buying furniture when you know you're moving thousands of miles multiple times in a span of 6 months seems... dumb.

Le Kitchen.

The table. This also happens to be the table I built forts under as a child, and where the famous "mashed potatoes in the face" and other fabled childhood moments. A great inherited piece :)

The fabulous wine tower, a gift from my dear brothers and their better halves.

The living area and our extensive DVD collection.

The awesome table, another wedding gift, but its awesomeness
doesn't come across well on camera.

Larger look at the living room. Yes, I was watching TV. I'll buy lunch for anyone who can tell me what I was watching.

The dreaded and pestilent futon. This WILL disappear from the
collection as soon as we settle...anywhere...

The couch looks hideous in this picture, but keep in mind the reds are a bit more vibrant, and the quilt actually matches well, I love that thing. On the right you'll notice the fabulous quilt stand with the only two blankets we have...a lovely gift from the O's.

The bedroom- I love our lamp.

I love the bedspread. Guess which side is mine?

Our IKEA piece, holds quite a bit of clothing.

The closet.

And now... over to the kitchen again. Our fabulous and unbeatable knives.
Amazing. I highly recommend them.

The elmazing coffee maker.

Out of order, but there's another shot of the ol' quilty thing.
And the one place we have framed things on the wall.

A few of our cookbooks :) It is a blossoming collection.

And there you have it. A nice little tour, minus the bathroom but its
pretty boring and I forgot to take pictures of it anyway. Tada!


Ashley said...

I love it. Too bad you have to take it apart. Thaddeus and I have begun to pack things up as well.

Laura said...

It's good to see where you've been nesting these past few months. :) I can't wait to nest, too! :)

Anonymous said...

you can't take the futon, we had a deal that wherever you guys are there will always be "the futon" for me to lay my head when I come and visit. that futon is what I used to sleep on after countless hours of listening to matt drone on and on about you and your relationship. it's got a history that you just can't ignore. do the right thing buddy

Kimber said...

I didn't know you like to watch Country Music Television... :)

Laura said...

Oh, and Josh & I own the same wine rack! We bought it at a yard sale in the countryside of Massachusetts. It was our first piece of furniture we bought as a couple. :)

Whitney said...

Gosh does it feel like you just moved in?

And that TV will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine...