Friday, November 16, 2007

Notes from ATL.

A few notes / observations from the Atlanta airport:

-The last time I was here, I was coming home from my honeymoon.

-It's "FOH" not Four.

-Garbage cans that have to plug in seem... too complex. MWT you'll be glad to know I wasn't defeated by them this time :)

- Krystal Burger was no where to be found in the terminals where I was... why? It eludes me every time.

-I don't like how the terminals go T>A>B>C>D>E Why is T in the beginning? And... well, why T? Also, for the record there is no rhyme or reason to the way Delta lands and departs their gates- none. Domestic Arrival T. International departure B. Domestic departure A. International departure T. WHAT?

- Atlanta feels like (and, oddly, smells like) vacation.

-There is a Bare Escentuals store in the ATL airport... and yet Utah doesn't have a SINGLE one? But Georgia gets one in the airport? Boo. But, v pretty stores.

- Little black baby boys are so cute, especially ones named Maurice, aged 2.

- They have free wireless in the airport. That is neat.

- I saw an ABP and it made me think of NYC.

- For some reason I thought of LR and JZ frequently. I thought of them getting married and going on their honeymoon whether to VT or MX, and just having a great time. I was thinking of them, for the record, in a wistful celebratory mood, not a creepy one.

- I thought of Whitney and my dearest sister when I saw their fave, Popeye's.

- It is strange when you have flown enough at age 23 (I'm 23 now, weird) to be extremely familiar with multiple airports. I blame this on living in Utah, of course, where you pretty much have to fly for an hour and a half at minimum to escape the state boarders.

For some reason I was thinking of these little tidbits I feel so familiar with:
Ex: The Relay opens at 6am in the Delta Domestic terminal 2 at JFK. Also, there are almost always birds if you have go to the higher number gates and pass through the open area with the Burger King. In concourse B at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport there is a Wolfgang Puck that features a delicious chicken caesar salad, and a little store called Zozo that has fascinating little gifts. Also, Gold Star Chili has a pretty decent taco salad, if you're ever on the run. And in Atlanta there used to be this awesome southern food bar that has now converted to a Checker's which actually has decent burgers, and NASCAR cups. There's a Brookstone on every corner in ATL, and there are TGIFriday's in terminals E and B, at the least. And... the garbage cans are crazy.

I don't know. I suppose its just weird to think of how many times I've been in these places- they so often feel familiar even though I don't really know them. So there's that, for what its worth.

Anyway... I'm at my Aunt's house in Virginia and it is so beautiful here. I'll write more again, probably next week before I head off to see my husband for the first time in 3.5 weeks. WOOHOOOO!


Natalie said...

I also love that store Zozo in Cincinatti, I bought a few "quotable" mugs there as fantastic gifts!
And you can't forget delicious Ruby's milk shakes near the international terminal in the Houston airport and the great little mall and free wi-fi in the Portland (OR) airport

melissa o said...

Miss you.

Laura said...

Yay for thinking of us! And it's not at all creepy. I mean, I'm really excited about you seeing Matt next week in a completely non-creepy way. Mutual excitement is healthy, I think. :)

You're great!

Ashley said...

I am not a fan of the Atlanta airport. Can I just say waiting two hours for you luggage to come up on the baggage claim is not cool and I agree where in the world did the T come from?

ryann and jeff said...

i've eaten at that krystal burger! it was not a good experience...

Unknown said...

hi. i miss you.

Whitney said...

Mmmm Popeye's. Daddy says they're putting one in on base. I have yet to see it though. And there's a Bare Escentuals kiosk at the Layton mall. (didn't know if you knew that)

So glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with us. Try not to think of the dinner but more the family time together. :)

Call me Tuesday if you want to carpool to BS. Maybe we could grab a bite to eat too.