Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today began the first of an eight week "Cross Training" series at the gym. We did fitness tests to that in the end we have something to compare our new fabulous selves with. We did the shuttle run, sit ups, push-ups, and then measured, weighed, and measured body fat. The shuttle run TOTALLY took me back to the gymnastics room at the lower school of Rowland Hall when Charles was our slave-driving teacher. No one who reads this blog will remember this, but I bet you had your share of little pt tests, and perhaps even got one of those little cardstock certificates with Bill Clinton's signature on it, yeah?

Anyway, kind of a blast from the past... and hopefully going forward it'll be a blast to the gut!

Check THIS out... my dear friend Beth put this link up, and i thougth I'd share it cause its neato, to be sure.

Things here at GOAL are good. We've had lots of changes lately but I'm excited to work with the new director who is coming in until at least October- I think I'll learn a lot and have fun in the mean-time. She'll be more of the mentor-figure than what the other lady had turned out to be, so that is good.

52 days and counting to the wedding! Crazy, eh? Which reminds me... if you're reading this and haven't told me if you and when you're coming out this way... do!

Matthew and I had a great time in Vegas last weekend with my parents. We had AMAZING food (the tasting menu at Tableau at the Wynn... amazing!!!), saw some awesome shows (Hello Celine!), and some shopping success too! It was great to have the time with my parents, and with eachother. I'll be loading those pictures... I dunno.. someday, I suppose! Probably this weekend!

So there you have it- a little update! Love to all y'alls!


Kaytee said...
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Kaytee said...

Glad to know that there is another bride out there going for the last minute workout for the LGN body (look good naked)!
Also, it is ok that you can't come to our wedding because we can't come to yours either :o) We'll still be on our honeymoon but we'll have to have a little celebration when we all return.
Good luck these last few weeks and thanks for starting this new blogging friendship. :o)

Anonymous said...

Claire, I am in OK this summer but I have gotten leave to come to the wedding! I am very excited about seeing you, Matthew and our family! Yours, William Arnold