Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pictorial: Graduation.

Here are some pictures from Graduation! Finally!

Me and Staci- the night before it all began, sportin' the ridiculous (but so cool) mortar boards!

This is at the Gallating Graduation. Since NYU had about 15,000 Graduates they separate the graduations into school so that everyone can WALK. So... our Gallating Graduation was on Wednesday, May 9 at the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center (Which was so cool cause Staci and I LOVE Lincoln center. We were so happy our ceremony was at such a classy locale). Below you'll find Tina... you can't see the other girls, but there was a poet/speaker, and a pianist/guitarist, and then Tina, the dancer. There is no irony to be explained, except for you to know that yes, Staci and I thought the dance was ridiculous too (but oh, so Gallatin).

Post-Graduation Ceremony (and me, post-champagne) outside at the center!

Everyone gets to wear the fabulous purple- girls and boys all together (Because what would the poor transgender kids do if they had to choose what color they were going to wear? Maybe that's mean, but I'm pretty sure that's one reason we all wear Fightin' Violet).

That night, the school puts on something called Grad Alley. It was surprisingly cool and felt very much like a party in our honor (and really, anything in our honor at NYU is a BIG deal :))

Aren't we cute! Wearing our lady liberty foam Grad Alley hats... ridiculous, but hey, you've got to get into it!

That man (and they lady above) are why I was even there. Thanks to them for funding my wonderful experience at NYU! I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

There was a cardboard standup for the University President (very cool guy, in the end) and we each got polaroids of a full-length photo, but I snapped this picture too! I LOVE IT!

Lots of people. Lots of carnival-ish snacks weren't really on our menu since we were about to go to dinner, but it was very exciting, none the less.

They even had NYU fireworks on top of the Stern School of Business Graduate Building (which secretly thrilled me to see it on fire... ahem. Heh, just kidding Stephanie! I love you!)

You'll get a better idea of the fireworks in a second...

Here! Little 2007, NYU, and Torches! I'm pretty sure I teared up during this- who knew?


And if it wasn't cool enough, the Empire State Building was lit PURPLE in OUR honor! YES! That was pretty exciting, I have to say!

The next day was the All University Graduation- all million of us in the park. Not everyone who graduates walks (some certificate programs, and then Associate degree people don't usually walk) and there were about 18,000 people in Washington Square Park that day. This is the dean of... some school.... giving us instructions from this weird little ladder.

Ain't we cute? And Amn't I tired looking?

The Walk begins. We got to process in lines (by our college) into the park. That was pretty exciting too. It all felt so... monumental. Hard to explain now, but it was very cool.

Here's a view from the back- behind us, hundreds of fellow students! The yellow fry-like things were our "cheer" element... each school had their own little thing. Unfortunately most schools' made noise, whereas ours were just... yellow. And Foamy. But still... you can just TELL Gallatin is better :)

YES! I got a picture with the Bobcat! Thanks for snapping that Staci!

View of the Park.

This is a picture of the Bobst Libary- note the little heads on top.

Closer shot- we were well guarded... unforunately that's the world we live in, I suppose.

The Stage.

Our Graduation speaker Wynton Marsalas, who, rather than speaking (Thank you!), played a jazz solo on his trumpet. All I have to say, and forgive me for this, but... my school's better than your school! :)

Another view of the park, fountain, arch, and all!

There we are again!

And again!

YAY! My mom, me, and my dad (in front of 22 Washington Square North which is where I worked for the last 2 years!)

There we are!
Gallatin Pride!

Laura Rogers, Laura Lorenzetti, Me looking caught in the act, and Megan Smith. If you're from Utah and coming to the wedding you'll get to meet miss Laura Rogers and Megan Smith for sure! They are friends from navigators.

Here I am with all the seniors from my work. Tear.

The seniors, and our two bosses down front. It really was a pretty great job. But I'm SO happy to be at GOAL now, of course!

After graduation and turning in Cap and Gown, my parents and I went and mailed home my bedding and Staci and I said goodbye, which totally sucked- thank goodness I'll get to see her so soon (50 days til she gets in town!). Then we went to Laura and Megan's apartment (what IS the correct grammar for that? Staci? Whitney?) for a little graduation party. Here is a view from their roof- and of course going up there for the first time the day before I left the city was pretty heart-wrenching- Man, I just love New York!

Here we are, Laura R, Me, Katherine Milliken, and Megan Smith.

Susan came to graduation and was also there for pictures at the party! Hopefully you'll get to meet this lady in August too- she's just absolutely WONDERFUL!

And one more picture. Man- isn't it a pretty day there?

And thats the end of graduation pictures. I have to say it was all very bittersweet. It was great to have my parents there, but also very stressful and crazed. I'm so glad that Staci and I were able to share those days and also talk out our thoughts because they were racing! I love you Staci!

The next day at 4:45am I was headed out on the Williamsburg Bridge as the city's lights broke through dawn's darkness. I cried from the moment we got on the bridge until we got to the Van Wyck Expressway. It was very hard to leave... but of course, I had some pretty fabulous things to come back to!

Thanks everyone, for the love and support and cheering on that you gave in the last four years! I'm truly convinced it wouldn't have happened without you!


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