Friday, June 01, 2007

Holy Crap, Its June.

There are three things I think of when I think of June.

Libby Brown, Blair Dantz, and my Dad.

Its odd, yes? But for the first 16 years of my life I knew Libby's birthday was the first summer birthday- June 2. ANd Blair's was right around the corner at June 6. And My Father's was always close behind- sixtimessevenisfortytwo- June 7th.

So here we are in June! And I still think of those things, even though the only one I celebrate anymore is my Dad's. I do like June though, I consider it a close friend.

And so, how am I, you might ask? Or maybe you're not asking. Maybe you're one of those picture hungry non-commenting blog readers. Well... to you I say... I'llputpicturesupjustassoonasiloadthemontomycomputerwhichwillprobablyhappensoon!

And to the rest of you, faithful readers and primarily bloggers-in-crime, I am well.

Work is going well- things have slowed down since the marathon, and I think I'l have a nice paycheck once I actually get paid (it will be in about 2 weeks so I should have a whole month stored up- thank goodness I'm not paying rent, eh?).

The wedding is in... hold, let me check my count down tool in my widgets....71 days and about 4 hours 40 minutes. So yeah- CRAZY! We're working on invitations tonight, and some other little projects. Should be a great time.

I had my bridal photos on Tuesday. But for a minor (at the time quite major, mind you) hair crisis, it went well. Davina will be posting the pictures on her blog as a preview in the next few days. Please be warned that if you happen to look at them while a certain M. W. Teter is in the room, or you post them on a blog, or you send them in an e-mail, or in ANY way he sees them, you will be held solely responsible and will carry the burdensome weight of knowing you ruined any and all surprises that are in store for him regarding my dress/appearance/etc. the day of. Heh... not to get too carried away or anything. I have no choice on the matter though- she has rights to the pictures and it will be fun to see-just please make sure he's not around if you're checkin' 'em out! And of course, Matthew.... you know you're banned from all things Davina related until AFTER August 11!

Anyway, in other news.... it turns out the eggs that are growing in my neck (Elizabeth named them Frank and Vinney) have not gotten smaller. I've been taking medicine for about 6 months now and the doc was hoping that they'd be smaller. After the ultrasound on Wednesday they've decided I don't need surgery for now. I think the plan of action at this point is to keep a close eye on those guys and make sure they don't get any bigger, keep taking the medicine, and probably have them out at a later date. I'm fine with that, though knowing I have aliens growing in my thyroid is disturbing, but I suppose skipping another surgery is a good idea for now (2 in one year seems a bit much, eh?). And... I didn't have to have any biopsy or antyhing since as of my birthday last year I was cancer free. They'll, of course, keep careful watch over that. And so there's the medical update- sorry to bore those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about or who are just not interested. And for those who have been praying for me consistently, thank you very VERY much. Peace is a rare thing, yet it is whelming.

And what else? My dearest friend Melissa is coming to town next weekend! YESSS! We're having a party for her at the Cain home on Saturday night so everyone can see her and catch up with her life! I'll send out an e-vite, but definitely plan to come! And for those of you not in UT but coming to the wedding- just you wait til you meet this fabulous woman!

Anyway... I think that is all I gots for now! I really will try to put up some pictures soon! Really!


Laura said...

I read every word, even though there were no pictures. And I enjoyed the update thoroughly, anyway. :)

And I can't wait to see Davina's pictures. And I think that if anyone shows Matt that should play by not getting to come to the wedding. I know, I'm heartless. But, the punishment fits the crime. :)

Kimber said...

I am glad to know that things are ok health wise.
I can't wait to get to see you girls this weekend either!!

Ashley said...

Yerah my time in Utah flew by. I was busy with family. I am hoping to be back in August. We are just trying to finalize our plans because my sister is graduating in August as well. I would love for you to visit MN that would be a lot of fun and hopefully I can visit you when you are in Kentucky. WE ar eplannign on being back in Utah for good in December so I hoepfully can see you when you come home on to visit.

Miss W said...

I've been checking Davina's site for your bridals...

Ashley said...

Claire the pictures are beautiful and I love the dress. You look gorgeous!!!!

Laura said...

Okay. Wow. When Josh and I first saw the pictures last night his jaw hit the ground and I had to give him the you'd-better-pick-that-jaw-off-the-floor look. :) But seriously, you look amazing. We both like the dark hair and the dress is amazing. And we're pretty sure that Matt is the luckiest man alive right now. :) Matt, it'll soooooo be worth the wait to let your knees buckle on August 11th. Trust me.