Monday, December 11, 2006

Update: Pictorial.


Here is a pictorial update marathon! Well, really just pictures from weekend before last's good times. Friday night Staci and I went out with Josh, Laura, Laura, Brittany, and Allison! Saturday we went to the Ballet! Oh the culture!

See below for some of the pictures!

Josh! At Benny's Burritos in the East Village.

Me and Staci at Benny's Burritos.. where it all started.

Here we are at 2X4 on 2nd ave and 4th street.
Note the background- ol' Big Buck Hunt video game!

Staci and Josh with their "All you can drink Bud or Bud Light 'til Midnight" bracelets.

Staci, Me, Laura, and about a third of Josh's face.

Josh is happy!

Claire is... scared?

Brittany and Laura- so cute!

Staci and Claire- awww!

The ladies singing to a classic BSB song. You know it was me who requested it.
And you know everyone in that bar loved it!

Sing it Staci!


Everyone clapping to.... Stevie Wonder, I think.

This creaper behind Brittany... kept hanging around until Laura Rogers put a stop to him!

Speaking of, there she is! Miss Laura Rogers! Beauty!

We were happy or funny or something- goodtimes.

Allison, Brittany, and Laura livin' it up!

Josh is happy!

I have no idea why Allison is doing this, but I LOVE that the guy behind her is doing it too!

Josh and Laura!

Staci with our chocolate shake at Moonstruck Diner.

Me and the shake! Mmm.

R-L: Brittany, Laura Rogers, Josh, Laura Lorenzetti, Allison.

Josh started the laughing fit.

The hat had to happen.

It was a great time. We had a great TIME!

Below is our picture of the tree at Lincoln Center where we saw the Nutcracker which was FANTASTIC- the set was amazing! I'll leave you with that for now- hopefully I'll come by some good pictures from other peoples' cameras from this weekend (my battery died).


melissa o said...

Those look like some ROCKING times.

I love the creeper picture...

AND - you are still keeping it real with BSB.

Whitney C. said...

I have the same cardigan as Brittany :)

Laura said...

okay, so i'm pretty sure you can see my epiglotis in some of those pictures. but, nonetheless, it was a great night! and i'm glad i finally have some pictures of it. :)

Matthew said...

I cannot wait to go out on the town with you all in Feb!

Also, I too have the same cardigan as Brittany. umm, small world

Beth said...

awwwww...please send my love to jz and lr. I heart them.

Anonymous said...

will tell the jz. we heart you too, beth. :)

Kimber said...

These are such fun pictures, it looks like you have some great friends to hang out with in NY!