Sunday, December 10, 2006


We are officially BOOKED to go to JAMAICA for our Honeymoon!


This is going to be us!

I am so excited! Only 244 days!


Whitney C. said...

Bea-u-tee-ful!!! You guys are gonna have a blast!!

jules said...

that looks amazing!

AMY said...

hey claire,
i know you are coming home soon. i was wondering if you would want to sing some sort of Christmas song with me, possibly julie, and anyone else i find, as a special music at church (ovcc)? this week or next(24th). I don't know what song yet, if you have suggestions that would be great, i'll be playing guitar. if you don't want to that's cool, but any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

melissa o said...

Oh my GOSH - that looks AMAZING!!!!