Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Collection.

Lots to report before I head off to ol' London town tonight! This is a mish-mashy blog with some pictures I've been meaning to post, short little clips to give you insight into what's been up lately... and just other random things!

This first picture is taken from the line that wrapped around the corner of the famed Magnolia Bakery. Staci and I had a GREAT weekend- we saw Babel on friday night after we did
FREE YOGA (if you're a New Yorker... dude, do it!)
Then Saturday we had brunch at our favorite Vegan-but-still-serves-real-eggs-cheese-and-milk place, went to Macy's in Harold Square to try on the Bridesmaid dress (it looked great!), went up to ol' Lincoln center to procure our opera tickets ($16! Oh yeah!) for that evening, and then walked down and around the lovely West Village to find some cupcakeage! It was great! We waited in (or here we say ON) line for about a half hour. People were walking by saying "uh, are they really good enough to wait in that line???" The answer is yes, and no. If you like cupcakes and want to get one, and enjoy the company of the person you're with, then yeah, hop on line and get yourself a tasty cupcake (this means business when I'm saying they're good, because generally speaking I'm not a s huge fan). If you don't love them, or don't have time to wait then...uh.. don't! Anyway here is the first picture. I ended up getting the one with white cake and pink frosting with pretty little lavendar sprinkles! MMM!

Here I am, biting in to my yummy cupcake!

See how good it was!?

(I kind of got this childish feelig as I was eating it- and now you've really gotten to know the cupcake!)

Anyway, moving on! I'm pretty sure that I never provided a good close-up picture of my rung! So here is one I took a while back and meant to post for those of you who haven't seen 'er yet! Still can't see HOW pretty it is, but you get the idea! :)

This is out of left field, but I LOVE SKINNY COW CHEESE! It's so creamy and rich, and so low in calories! Hooray!

So more on theYoga thing- I LOVE YOGA. I thought I hated it, but Oh, OH was I wrong! I recommend it to any and all- it was a GREAT workout, and yet I felt so relaxed. I was sore the next day AND it got my heart rate up- wow, I see why people are obsessed with it now!

And friends, that is going to have to be all for now. I do have some other randome things to share with you, but now I have to do some more packing and get myself to class! I hope you all have great wednesdays! I will try to post one more time before I head out this evening!


Kimber said...

I would definitely stand in line with someone like you just to get a cupcake...and I agree, skinny cow IS very tasty!!

Matthew said...

Wow! Sweet ring! Somebody must like you lots!

Whitney said...

WAH! I've been eating laughing cow cheese too! I got Kelli to buy some the other day. Except I don't buy the skinny kind. Probably should. It's so good on wheat thins. Now those I get in the skinny kind. Oh yeah, and I hate you for going to London....

melissa o said...

This is so weird.

I have been having dreams about the cupcakes at Magnolia.

No - seriously...

Whitney C. said...

I *heart* cupcakes!