Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Vegas.

I went to Vegas last Thursday through Saturday with some friends. That was a good time.
I'm not going to bore you with details about how the flashy lights and oversized pictures of naked women stung my eyes, or how we stayed in the Luxor hotel (you know, the big pyramid), or how we walked through the Bellagio and stared face to face at Monet and Van Gogh, or how the burger at Margaritaville tasted, or a tale of Coyote Ugly, or how tasty was the Cheesecake factory, or how it was hot but not THAT hot, or how Zima XXX Black Cherry was the worst sip I took, or how we shopped at the Aladdin Passage, or how we used the monorail (I'd go for the 10 ride pass if I were you- it's shareable), or how fun the ride there was, or how fun the ride back was, or the problems with Econolodge as a company, or how scary the New York New York rollercoaster was, or how I wore a sparkly shirt, or how hot my lady friends were, or how much fun I had, or how the absence of apple juice may provide insight in to the state of American quality control, or how the little cards of naked women have names on them that the men looking at them will never read (like 'Wendy' in big pink bubble letters), or how I got to speak some italian, or how hard I laughed, or how bad our escorts were (...), or how cool it was...
I'm just going to say I had a great time.

I had a great time! Hopefully I'll be back to the Vegas in January- yeah?