Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

It's a Matthew!

That's right folks, my dear friend Matthew has officially taken the literal plunge! out of a plane! Twice yesterday, and he'll do it again twice today and again tomorrow. This isn't just skydiving though, folks, this is intensity defined. Not that I really know, but I tend to believe the guy when he tells me stuff. This is you-might-die-if-you-screw-up kind of business, and it's scary too! But he survived the first two, and I have this sinking sensation he'll do equally well these next three, and show up at Mel's wedding with hus jump wings strategically placed...
Just thought I'd let you know I have a friend who can fly! GO AIRBORNE!


Natalie said...

Claire! I just found your blog when I was googling Ash and Thaddeus's names online, how funny is that! I hope the wedding week is going well and Melissa isn't too stressed out! Say hi to everyone for me! (I have a blog, too, click on my name)