Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Welcome to February!

Happy Black History Month! Yeah!

Well, Brett has come and gone.. we had some real good times. Friday we walked from Wallstreet to Fourteenth street, and folks... that is a REAL long way. But it didn't seem like a long way, so that was good. We went to Ground Zero- that was weird. I mean, good, healing weird, but definitely weird. It was the first time I had been there since they fell, the last time I was there I was sitting at the top of the building at Windows on the World for my sixteenth birthday. wow. Saturday was the Knick's game, and I had SO much fun! We were second to last row and it was just a blast. We saw Fat Joe, that washed up rapper guy who sings who knows what, or maybe he is popular now, I'm not hip with the times. Anyway, things are good, Brett's visit was great. Let it RAIN!

School is going well. New York has finally decided to smile down on us and give us some shun shine! It was forty, and let me tell you how it felt like I was in Mexico in the middle of summer- forty seems balmy compared to the teens we've been braving. Good times. GOod times.

This is radom, but if any of you who are reading this (duh) have any Youth Pastor e-mail addresses let me know. E-mail me. My church (nyJourney) is starting a group called "Epic Adventures" which will be a Center for Student Missions-type missions organization for New York City, Charlotte and D.C. We are trying to contact people across the country and get the awareness out there-- let me know if you can help!

Good night all! Tomorrow I will break the less-than-7-hours sleep time trend! YAY!