Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Way You Make Me Feel

First, thanks to the boyfriend for a great Valentine's weekend. Good times, and laughter, too. We danced... yes Leanne Womack, we did dance. We danced the Tango and the Rhumboogie with 70 year olds. Top that, I dare ya!

Things here are going well. Today it snowed and so that always makes things a littler dreary. The stress of the papers and the test tomorrow has piled up, but God slipped me a little present last night in my e-mail inbox: both my morning classes were cancelled because both of my profs had the flu! What are the odds? I didn't have even one class cancelled last semester, and now I've had 2-- on the same day! It was great because it was my long day, so I got to sleep an extra hour, workout before class and get all cleaned up, and then get to my lab, which let out early! It was really a good day, despite the snow. Tomorrow's lookin sunny.

I've got the big test in my science course tomorrow- first test of the semester so that's always nerve-wracking, but I've studied, and I'll study a little more before bed, and review in the morning... and then just see what I can do on that mother! I feel like I'm walking in there blindfolded- that always happends with the first test of the class... so we'll see!

I'm finally feeling better, although this morning was a little shaky. It was great, good to have a weekend where I was just wiped out and HAD to sleep... but it wasn't so great to be sick. It's good to hear out of both ears and breath out of both nostrils. So yes, thank you Lord that that's all done with! Now if Josh can just get well! It's goin' around I guess!

I'm off to Italy next Spring.. study abroad for the semester.. so that will be fun. It's not official, but the application is being handed in soon.

This was a very sticky entry, sorry. I'll try and be more creative and exciting next time!