Friday, March 05, 2010

For a Month.

Well, it's me and Dutchy here for a month.

Matthew is off in Fort Polk, Louisiana doing pre-deployment training this month. He left Sunday morning around 4:00am (well, I dropped him off), and he should be back "no later than" March 26th. So far, so good. The first few days were rough readjusting to living alone... Dutch and I have had many interesting conversations.

I'm now officially on Spring Break, and it is great to be looking at a week without a schedule of to do's. I am going to be doing lots of writing and reading over the break, and hopefully have a few good catch up conversations with friends. If we haven't talked in a while, let's plan a phone date!

I'll try to blog again and catch up on life. I'm hoping to blog more after Graduation which is in May (and which I'm officially approved for! woot!).

Have a great weekend,



Anonymous said...

Happy Spring Break. I would love to have a phone date. E-mail me and let me know :)

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Phone date. So there.

I think I have a new number since we last spoke, I'll send a note.

Kimber said...

Just call me, I am sure your schedule is usually more crazy than mine.