Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Day!

Today we had a snow day! Matthew and I both got to stay home! The University was closed and the post actually closed down too.

2 weeks ago we had a bigger storm, but it happened over the weekend, so we didn't get to have any days off like so many others (mainly the local school districts. I think since the beginning of 2010 they've had six snow days, and I'm really not kidding about that. And yes, we've had TWO storms, both of which yielded about 4-6 inches).

We feed the birds in our backyard, and they greatly appreciate these services when there is snow. They go through it quickly, mostly due to numbers and the squirrel, Winston.

This is the most snow I've seen here in KY. It has been SO nice to get a dose of the white stuff!

Dutch has never encountered snow before, so we thought it best to let him see it face to face.
He was very eager to check it out.

He was really rather interested in it. He didn't mind it at first.

But about this time he seemed to want to escape it, so Matthew snatched him up.

This is William, our cardinal.

Here is a shot from our front yard, and you can see our little path lights all topped with snow!

This is a side note. Check out those little glowing eye balls in there!

Matthew threw a snowball at the door when Dutch was leaning up on it to look out at him in the snow. Dutch was then intrigued by the snow left on the door. Here are a few weird back lit shots of the beasty attempting to get the snow.

We have really enjoyed our freebie day off. We have stayed in sweat pants and on the couch the ENTIRE day. I did do a bit of homework, but over all, not much! Hope you enjoyed your day, with or without snow!


TheConnorClan said...

I am happy someone enjoys snow... because I am growing weary of it. I am currently looking out the window at 30+ inches on the ground. Spring is 5 weeks away and I will welcome the cherry blossoms!

ryann and jeff said...

as far as cats go that kitty of yours is pretty darn cute.

melissa oholendt said...

SNOW!! I STILL long for snow days - I'm 27 and still. So glad you got to have one - what a glorious blessing! (Love the dutchely shots. He's a beasty.)

Joanna said...

I love Dutch: "Snow is fun! Oh, wait, I'm wet!"

Brianna Phelan said...

I love snow :)

This was a great post to see on such a warm day today. It makes me excited for Winter again already.